Rosemary: Boys

I sat awkwardly at the table at lunch with my new friends. I hoped they were. A strange girl shouted 'Curry's' making me get a bit embarrassed because people started to look.

I looked around outside at everyone, so many steriotypes. Goths, nerds, populars. God knows where I fit in.


My second dance class was soon enough, and I was grateful that it was an all and only girls class so I wouldn't be as embarrassed as I was already. A few of the guys liked to look through the door in the window to see all the girls in their ballet outfits.

"And...bend." the teacher called as everyone pointed there toes out and bent down towards them. I looked up to see a boy smiling at me at the door, until the teacher shoowed him away.

"Do those guys normaly look through?" I asked Melody behind me and she laughed.

"All the time."

The End

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