Dramatic Acting

The bell rings for the end of break and I still puzzle over how the twins communicate through their minds. What's next? Drama. Ah. Okay. I wave goodbye to the twins and the new girl, who looks a bit shy but I'm sure she'll feel welcome soon enough.

Entering the drama hall, I find out I'm the last one in, the rest of the class slouch on the audience seats in front of the small stage. I sweep my eyes for a place to sit then catch the eye of a boy. Not just any boy. That particular boy. In fact, The Boy. Damn it, can't even look at him for more than a second.

"Thank you for joining us so promptly, Ivy." Our drama teacher with the french name greets. Can't remember his name, you see. I did remember, however, him telling us that his name was french.

"You're welcome," I say under my breath. Putting in my earphone, I pretend to put my mobile away when The Boy turns around to chat to Max (one of his mates) and looks at me for just a fraction of a second.

ARGHH. This is ridiculous.

"Alright class, I'm going to play some music. Express through your body language what the mood of the music is."

"Yes, sir." A few mutters across the room. The music comes on. Everyone just keeps slouching.

"Everyone's doing very well, the music is indeed boring. But just exaggerate it a bit more." Max falls to the floor and starts snoring. I capture The Boy's laughter. "I was not finished Max. There are other moods in this music other than it being boring."

A few nerds on the other side of the room start crying. Yes, the music is very sad, but I bet they brought onions to class.

The End

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