Rosemary obviously only had two breaks at her old school. But that's OK, coz me and Harmony normally eat at last break anyway. There's too much to do at lunchtime, and have you tried getting into the hall at first break? Seriously. It's packed within the first few minutes. There's people sharing seats, sitting on the tables, and so many people packed in between the tables that you can hardly get in. First break isn't a good time to have lunch. Ask Ivy. She knows.

"Hey twin! Hey best friend!" I grin as we get to the table Harmony and Ivy are sitting on.

"Hey twin! Hey stranger!" Harmony waves.

"Hey best friend one! Hey person I've never met!" Ivy exclaims.

"Everyone, this is Rosemary. Rosemary, this is my twin Harmony and my best friend Ivy" I announce as we sit down.

"Hi" Rosemary says. We sit and chat for a while. Then,

"Currys!" Har exclaims loudly.


"Currys! That's where - the answer is Currys"

"The answer to what?" Ivy looks confused.

"The answer. You know, to the question" Harmony struggles for words. 

"Yes... that's generally what an answer is for..." Rosemary says. I'll have to ask her if I can call her Rose. 

"No! I mean... Melodeeeee, please just work it out!"

"I'll help. I'm good at puzzles!" Ivy puts in.

"No!" Harmony basically yells. "I mean, it's just for Melody. Only Mel. She needs to know that the answer to the question that was about Band and a girl in Band a question about the girl"

"A question about the - OH! Oh, I see. Right. OK. Got it" I say hurriedly.

"OK... what was that about?" Ivy looks at us as if we're crazy.

"Yeah... that was really weird" Rose adds.

"Oh, oh it was nothing, at all, to worry about" Har says quickly.

"It was, um, about, uh, a, question, about, I mean, we were, at lunch, she said, no, I said, I wanted, to know, uh, how, a girl, I mean, what, a girl's, favourite, uhm, no, wait, yeah, her favourite, uhm, takeaway, ah, was, so, yeah"

"You two were in top set English in secondary school, and you can't even string a sentence together" Ivy shakes her head.

"Yes we can. She was simply saying that she wanted to know what a girl's favourite takeaway was. And it was currys"

"Seriously. Have you heard yourselves?" phew, that was a close one. A very close one indeed.

The End

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