There's a new girl. She comes in late. That's the sort of thing I would do. She's told to sit next to some sweaty guy. Seriously. He needs, like waterproof pants, not sweat pants. He's completely soaked. The girl is called Rosemary. She doesn't look at all muscly. Just like me. One of the un-muscly people. Miss starts talking.

"OK. I think we've al had enough of ballet. Let's switch to street dance. Much more appropriate for the singers of the group. Please change to your street dance clo-"


"Melody. Please don't shout out. What is it?"

"I have to go! Practice! For the concert!"

"Why didn't you tell me at the beginning of the lesson?" knock, knock,knock. "Come in"

"Hello Miss. Can I borrow Melody please?" Harmony asks sweetly.

"OK. When will she be back?"

"Oh, not long. About ten minutes"


"Thank you!" Harmony drags me out of the dance hall and down to the application desk. Rob stares at my slim figure in my ballet suit. I blush.

"Just through there" Rob says slightly quieter than he was talking this morning and blinks a few times. We go through to the rehearsal room and do our audition. When I get back to Dance, miss tells everyone to carry on.

"Melody. This is Rosemary, I think she came in just before you left. She has just been watching. I want you to both get changed and then would you mind showing her the easy part of this dance.You can be partners" she tells me quickly, and then gets back to teaching. I turn to Rosemary.

"Hey. I'm Melody. Nice to meet you"

The End

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