Rosemary: New Day

It was my first day at Treble clef school, and I was practically terrified. Terrified that I wasn't as good as anyone else here, which I probably wasn't. I'd be pushing myself a lot at this school. 

I pushed open the school doors to find empty halls. Was I late? I think I was. I quickly ran to the front office and looked at a woman in thick black-rimmed glasses. She lifted them down her nose and peered at me as if she'd seen my type before. 

"I'm Rosemary. I'm a new student here?" I  said uneasily.

"You're late." she grumbled, getting up off of her chair and grabbing an armful of things and handing them to me. "Dance clothes. Text books. Musical singing lesson sheets and time table. Your first lesson is dance class. Now go." she huffed, getting back to work.

"Thanks..." I replied sarcastically, putting everything into my bag and walking to the big hall out of around 8 for dance class. I looked inside of the door to see really talented dancers doing ballet. I cracked open the door and walked in. 

They all immediately froze, "Hi i'm Rosemary. I'm new here today..." I looked at them all, beautiful, muscly, looked like they were popular. I didn't really fit in here. I was popular at my old school, but maybe not here. 

"Welcome Rosemary. Come sit." the teacher smiled and offered me a chair next to a boy in sweat pants and a vest. 

The End

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