Rob the Application Man


I dunno why Harmony thinks aural is bad. I mean, yeah, it's boring. All we do is listen to some music and guess the instruments/time/scale/etc. At least there's hardly any written work. And the teacher doesn't notice if you text people. Seriously though. Miss Figgs must be completely blind and deaf or something, or maybe she just doesn't mind. Example: when she played the King Kong theme tune and tried to make us guess which type of drum was played, she didn't notice when Koul and Matthew stood on their table and started doing monkey impressions. So, pretending to be a goody two shoes just to see if she had noticed, I told her. She said 'I am completely aware of what those two boys are doing' so Harmony said 'aren't you bothered Miss?' and Miss said 'of coarse I am. I shall consult the drama teacher as soon as the lesson is over so that they can improve their acting skills. Everyone knows that King Kong is an ape, not a monkey'. 

See what I mean? Matthew and Koul don't even do Drama. Anyway. At lunch, me and Harmony go to sign up for the Talent Concert. There's only one other person there. I recognise her. She's the girl known for constantly being in the toilets, straightening her already dead straight hair. I'll have to ask her where she got her battery operated straighteners from. That would be so much easier than having to plug them in. She leaves and we walk up to the desk.

"How can I help you" the man there asks.

"We need an application form" Harmony answered him.

"What are you planning to do?"

"I'm singing and she's playing the flute" I say.

"That's an unusual mix"

"I know" we say together.

"Well OK then. You only need one form for a duet" he hands us a form. We fill it in. Just putting ' We Made It Up' for the song title. And 'H&M for the group name. That's a little joke we have.

"Thank you. What's your next lesson?" application man asks.

"Dance" I say at the same time Harmony says "Band practice" period 4 is the only lesson that we're separated. I have dance because 'if you are singing on stage, you will have do dance depending on the type of song that you are singing. No singers just stand still'. My dance teacher can't have seen many slow songs performed. Harmony has Band because... she's in the flute art of the band.

"OK. Well please ask your teachers if you could spare the first part of the lesson so that you can do your audition"

"OK Sir"

"You don't have to call me 'Sir'.I'm not a teacher. You can call me Rob"

"OK Rob" we grin. Hmm. I wonder what talent Rob has.


"Yes?"she answers as we walk to our classrooms.

"In Band, can you ask that girl where she got her hair straighteners from?"

"Why? You don't even straight your hair"

"Yes I do"

"Hardly ever"

"That's beside the point. I want to get Ivy some for her birthday"

"Oh alright. You'll owe me"

The End

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