The bell rang, the signal for everyone to pack up.

"Everyone stay in your seats and keep working. I'm keeping you in for two minutes, remember?" Ah, of course. But then, everyone had hoped our student teacher had forgotten. Groans came from all corners of the class as people around me chucked their pens onto the desk and sit down again.

I took out my phone and continued my game of Tower Blox. The person sitting next to me flipped my book open and started copying my answers.

Five minutes later (due to our student teacher who wouldn't let anyone go unless we were all silent), I met up with Harmony and Melody outside.

"How was Music Vocab?" Melody asked, I sighed in reply.

"Don't even ask." We sat down on the grass and enjoyed the sunshine. "Hey, are you doing a performance in the concert next week?"

"Hopefully, we've practised a duet." Harmony answered. "I've got aural next..."

"It's not that bad!" said the other twin.

"'Tis!" "'Tisn't!"

"What kind of word is 'tisn't' ?" I commented.

"Dunno," they said together.

The End

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