Theory of Music

"... and therefore this piece of music is in A major. Twins! Are you paying attention?"

"Wha'? Yes, of coarse Sir" we say at the same time, tucking a chocolate brown streak behind an ear at the same time. That's a habit we have. Doing stuff at the same time. And we don't even notice most of the time. Mr Septin calls us 'Twins', just because we're twins and he can't be bothered to say both our names.

"Melody, what did I just say?"

"Oh! Erm.. you said... that since the sharps of this piece are 'C', 'F' and 'G' then it must be in A major" I say. Harmony nods in agreement. 

"Good. Harmony, what piece of music are we talking about" he challenges, trying to pick out the fact that we weren't actually paying attention. Harmony looks confused. I flash my eyes to the whiteboard and back to her. She sees and looks at the board.

"Oh, it's Morning Has Broken"

"Good. Now please pay more attention in your theory lesson. You cannot learn music properly if you do not learn the theory!" he slams the text books onto our table. "Give them out"

"Yes Mr Septin" 

The End

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