Tale of Beyond: Roses Teardrops, Hearts Broken ( Legend of Zelda )

One of the tales of Beyond. A young Hylian Queen must leave her World behind and go into another in order for Time to create a new chapter in History and to allow Destiny to continue on.

¤ The Legend of Zelda ¤

Tale of Beyond

¤ Roses Teardrops, Hearts Broken ¤

Long ago, in the times of old and in the existence of the land of Hyrule, there is an age-old legend that has been passed down into the hearts and souls of those that have lived there for generations of past, present, and future children. A legend that had once been a reality, in a loop of infinite wisdom and mistakes that had not been repeated but generated in circles of misfortune. Those that claim to have witness the horrible events, have long since been buried into the soft soil beneath them and allowed the land to regenerate their spirits into flowers and stars that shine down upon the accursed land like diamond eyes in the darkness.

It is the tale of Link, the Hero of Time and boy those very soul was trapped in the light of the Scared Realm for many years. His heroics saved the land many a time from the Dark Gerudo King, Ganondorf, and others who dared to disrupt the peace of Hyrule and end lives that did not need to shed any blood upon fertile soil. His soul once rested in the darkness that had been the Evil World, the other side of the Light World and the mirror image of what the Triforce had once become. It is a tale that weaved itself in the history of the land, eventually becoming myths and bedtime stories until it settled down into mere legend. It was just a tale that was believed to be make-believe, even in the texts of history.

Yet, among many other tales of heroes and villains, there is a legend that only a few of the Royal Family know of and are willing to tell it. One of four sacred pendants that allowed those that wanted to escape their World and live in another for short periods of their lives. These pendants went into other Worlds that are unknown to Hylains, Worlds that were set in the heavens above. One was sealed secretly in a vault, one held by the Zora, one in a grave of a Queen, and one lost to memory. The pendants were created centuries ago by a Sheikah mage who had harnessed the power of travel between Worlds and into the lands of the imagination.

That story has many pages that make up the Beyond tale and many more. This is the first part of the tale of Beyond that tells of the journey of a single pendent to the Human World, the Child of Prophecy, and the beginning of a new era of Hyrule.

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