Tale of an Elemental

This is the tale of Seta Lynn. It will take you through everything it took for this once young orphan to become........ Hello dear reader, the rest of this can not be written, for this tale must first be told, without insight, for that would reveal much too much information.

A smile graced the perfect face of one Seta Lynn as a handsome man joined her on the balcony.

She gazed deep into those dark blue eyes, and saw everything she went through to reach this point, and she wondered how she ever gotten so lucky to make it here.

 She couldn't wait to continue on. Her dress was of pure white, her ebony locks were tied in a beautiful bun atop her head.

The dimond ring that graced her left hand was the perfect match to the neclace that was always around her throat, the mark of her destiny.

She placed her hand in the one offered as she was escorted down the grand staircase to her awaiting  guests.

When she reached the bottom, and was facing the long isle lined with smiling faces, her focus wason only one, and it was not the beautiful man standing at the end waiting for her as it should have been.

But it was focused somwhere else, on a face she thought long gone...

To be Continued...

The End

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