Thus begins the story of the most powerful being to ever exist...

There have always been two realms: the realm of light, and the realm of darkness. Usually, whenever these two opposite worlds come in contact, a fierce battle ensues, with neither emerging the victor.

However, on occasion, the worlds will collide and create a smaller realm, neither light nor dark, but somewhere in between. These realms are seen as abominations by both light and dark.

One such realm has a more interesting story than most. Two beings, one light, the other dark, battled each other in one of these in-between realms. Neither was greater or lesser than the other, which is perhaps what allowed a truly remarkable event to take place: both simultaneously landed killing blows, impaled on their opponent’s weapon. Their power began to flow along their weapons, into one and back to its source. Their power began to mix, until one became indistinguishable from the other. At this point, their physical forms merged, despite their best efforts to pull away from each other. When the resulting outburst of power faded, they lay there, a single being, bearing no resemblance to either of its original forms. Indeed, it more closely resembled one of the beings from the world commonly referred to as Earth, the home of a race called humans.

He stood slowly, on shaky legs, and examined his new shape. He smiled as he recognized the power contained within him, the power of both light and dark.

He turned his gaze to the grey nothing around him. “The realms of light and dark have gods,” he thought. “Why not this in-between world, this realm of twilight?”

And so, like the light and dark gods, he raised his hands and shaped the world around him as he saw fit. Mountains rose, clouds formed, rain fell, canyons split open, and slowly, a paradise began to appear.

The new god of twilight was not satisfied. “What is the point of a paradise if there is no one to enjoy it?” he thought, and with that, he set about creating the life that would soon be spilled onto his world.

There were already many plants throughout the world, so he turned his attention to the animals that would precede his greatest work. These animals were largely based on those of the human world, as that was the closest thing to a true paradise that any of the worlds had come before he had been created.

He then made a second race of humans, far superior to those of the original. They naturally had great physical strength and intelligence, and had a gift that no other god had seen fit to grant: he gave them the gift of magic, the ability to reshape the world around them as they willed.

Still he was not finished. “Humans have proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted to govern themselves,” he thought. “They require something higher than themselves to look to during times of strife, to lead them away from the path of chaos.” And so he set to work on his masterpiece. He took the most promising of his new humans and made them even greater than the others, giving them wings and superior magical prowess. He decided, after the first one was finished, to name them after a mythical being in many of the human world’s religions. He called them angels.

The First, as he was known among his peers, named himself Joshua, after a great figure in Earth’s history. Many of the others followed suit, choosing names from Earth’s mythology and history.

With his work finally completed, he smiled and turned to his angels. “The time has come for me to leave,” he said. “Continue in my stead, and keep the humans from the path to chaos.”

He raised his hands one more time and created a castle, suspended in the sky, far above the world he had created. He would now observe, without interfering.

Several millennia passed, and he watched his world grow and develop. The people banded together, formed tribes, grew to cities, then kingdoms, and during some times, a single empire covered most of the world. Technology began to eclipse magic, until magic made a return in the form of a warrior, a leader of men intent on bringing down an unjust ruler.

The god who had begun it all smiled from his observatory in the heavens. “May this world be as ever-changing forever as it is now,” he thought.

One day, however, he found himself to be surprisingly bored. He decided to descend down into his world, and see it close-up for the first time in over two million years.

He first visited another sky-castle, that of the angels he had set to protect the world. Inside, he sat down with the current leader of the angels and talked with him for hours on end.

But…something troubled him. Something was not right. He examined the angel in front of him more closely, and saw what made him so uneasy: darkness had taken root in the angel’s heart, sprouting into a grotesque bloom that threatened to consume him.

He looked around him, and saw the same thing in all of the other angels. Every pair of pure wings had been tainted by darkness, upsetting the balance he had worked so hard to create.

He gave the angels a strained smile as he stood and left, descending further into his world.

What he saw there filled him with despair. People starved to death daily, others were beaten and murdered, and still others simply walked by as these horrible things happened right before their eyes.

“I cannot allow this,” he whispered as he watched his people suffer. “I must stop this.”

But how? As a god, he had put willful limitations on himself. He could not directly interfere, or his world would begin to crumble before his eyes, returning to its original state.

“Perhaps that is what is best,” he murmured, half-raising his hands. Suddenly, he stopped, frozen by a strange feeling. “What’s this?” he thought. He decided to follow this feeling, and eventually found himself at a small house in a pleasant-looking neighborhood, surrounded by green grass and fences.

Inside, he found a woman, in the middle of giving birth to what he sensed was her son. He was suddenly glad that no one could see him, unless he chose.

He stood thoughtfully for a moment, pondering what had brought him here. He cast his senses toward the woman, and made a startling discovery: her child had no soul. In all normal respects, he was quite a healthy child, but because of his lack of a soul, he has only enough life force to sustain him while he was still connected to his mother.

The god’s eyes widened as a realization struck him. He could not directly interfere with his world, but one of its inhabitants could. This child could be the savior of its race.

There was little time to act. The god quickly began to infuse the child with his powers, until he had nothing left. He then separated his own soul from his body and sent it into the child, filling the space left empty. The god’s body withered away, but not before he managed one last smile, and some parting words.

“I give my being, to save yours. Return balance to this world, as I cannot.”


Some time later, the mother held her crying baby to her chest, smiling tenderly as only a mother can.

“I can sense something great in you,” she whispered. “Grow strong, and live the way you want to…Kale.”

The End

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