Taking Flight

October 16th 2015.


            There was just no way, or so I thought. So I believed. But they, they were doing it. Did it with ease. That’s what brought me here. Where icy winds roam reignless and untethered, biting at the bit angrily as they speed across acres and acres of barren, benign tundra. I felt it near. I had come this far. I had fallen ever so often. I was not doing this for myself, I kept saying, but for everyone. I picked up the seven snowballs that caged me in and threw them, each one going exactly as far. Each one seeming lighter than the last. I was ready. I knelt, as I had seen them so often do. Focus, I told myself. Months of hard training. All for this. Again, as I had felt before, I felt again. The spark. The energy coursing through me. Where had it come from? Answer — It was always there. I know that now. My eyes opened. I smiled. I felt it. It would work. Five and a half thousand feet. Five and a half inches. The howling breath of the wind pushed me, egging me on. I stood, and saw the light.. The joy, happiness, elation. Utopia. I ran. I ran. I ran. And jumped. It worked.


That’s it. That’s how I learnt to fly.


- Jason Matthias

The End

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