Van negotiates with the bear

The bear took a step closer and sniffed the air in front of Van. Watching it, Van suddenly felt as if none of this was really happening. It was just so ridiculous. He was so out of his mind with fear that he suddenly wasn't afraid anymore. He was angry.

"Just who do you think you are?" he told the bear. "I get hit in the head, dragged along by two nutcases against my will, and now I get eaten by a bear? Well you know what? I am sick and tired of this! I am not in the mood to die today, so you can just go about your business!"

The bear stood on its hind legs. Van walked up to it, took a deep breath, and roared in its face. Well, more in its chest due to it being so tall. The bear went back on its four paws and backed up a step. Van took a step towards it.

"Go on, get out of here!"

Confused by his bravado, the bear lumbered away. Morley walked over and clapped Van on the back.

"I knew you could do!"

 Findil scrambled down the tree and walked over.

"That was amazing! From now on, I shall call you El-Dasen-Grasni, or, He Who Speaks With Bears in Elfin."

At that, what he had just done sank in and Van fainted.

The End

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