Princess, eh? Time to turn on the charm!

Van smiled despite himself. A princess, huh? Well, arranged marriages weren't really something he liked, but with all the women out their, princesses were supposed to be the finest of them all. They were beautiful, polite, and intelligent. Why, she might even be next in line! That would make Van a King! Well... that wouldn't be fun. 

'I can at least see where this goes,' Van thought as he walked with the big nosed man to where Princess Magnolia waited. The hallways were simply amazing! They had more decoration than the storybooks said.

The big nosed man glared at Van after a while. "What is it?"

The man snorted. "I had thought Morley would pick a better suiter than one such as you," he said in a high-and-mighty tone, "You can't even walk right."

Van tried to walk like the big nosed man, only to get another glare. He would have said something, had he had the chance, but they had already arrived at a massive door. Van felt nervous. What if it was like one of those stories where the princess is an ugly spoiled brat that thinks everything is hers? That would be a bad thing for Van. A girl like that could probably get him executed should he try and make his escape. Darn. 

Van shook off the thought as the doors opened to reveal a beautifully decorated room that put the hallways to shame. It was nearly as large as an entire tavern and had drapes of all colors spreading out over the massive windows, which had paintings of battles and stories on them. The floor was made of marble with not so much as a single scratch or piece of dirt. With Van's new clothing, shoes included, he wasn't worried about scratching the floor. 

What did worry him was the massive man in armor sitting on a throne in the middle of the room. Upon his head was a crown. So this was the king? His future Father-in-law. Van sighed, feeling his life drawing to a close. Might as well have some fun...

Van's breath caught as he saw the figure sitting to the right of the King. With a slender frame and long mahogany curls, Van knew she was the one he was brought to see. Her dress was silken flames, with red and yellow fabric flowing to make the attire. On her head was a smaller version of the King's crown. Yes, with her flawless face and deep blue eyes, Van knew she was Princess Magnolia.

"Can you speak, boy?" the King bellowed, making Van jump.

Instincts taking over, Van bowed. "I apologize, your majesty, but I was unaware of just how beautiful the princess really was."

The End

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