They stop for a water break & chat

There is something annoying about being carried on an adventure forcibly on horseback. However, its absolutely torturous to be made to do so, when you really need to use the washroom. Van conveyed this little glitch to Horace, in between trying not to bite his tongue and avoiding a fall. 

"Eh?" shouted Horace. 

Van was embarassed at the prospect of saying it all again, louder and risk being laughed at. He thankfully did not have to repeat himself again, as they soon stopped for a break. 

All the riders took their horses near the pond, and helped themselves to some of the sparkling clean water as well. 

Van took the opportunity to tell the old man Morley, that he needed to go to the bathroom. 

"You young lads and your luxuries! Go use that shade over there! Off now, and be back soon!" he quipped. 

Van was frustrated, but he had no choice. 

As he was on his way back, he felt a claw on his leg. Before he realized what got him, he was pulled away, down the cliff, further and further till the endless bottom of the valley. 

The End

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