Ask Morley to Carry Him

"Carry me."

"What?" The old man stared at Van like he just went crazy. And for a crazy old man to do that, meant that it was quite a crazy idea.

"I said can you carry me?"

"No. Old men don't carry people. People carry old men." He turned around on the road searching for something, tapping the ground lightly here and there.

"What are you doing?"

"Calling on a friend."


"A friend."

Moments later, Morley's eyes lit up and he jammed his staff harshly down onto the ground. Immediately, swarms of ants started crawling out of the hole he created.


"Yeah. You know they can carry three thousand times their weight? They're special ants."

"Why?" Van stared at the swarm of ants in confusion.

"Well I can't carry you. But they can."


And the swarm of ants rode underneath him and picked him up. Morley laughed out loudly.

"Haha! Now we get going again!"

"Again? But I thought we reached our destination!"

"What destination? There was no destination." Morley gave Van a weird look. "Destination is over there." He pointed down the road. 


"No buts." Morley glared at him, gripping his staff threateningly. Van shut up quickly and they set out with ants carrying him. How ridiculous.

The End

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