Van hesitates, but agrees to go.

Van hesitated. Of course, what normal person would go walking off with a random skull-bashing old man on the road? But then of course, having his skull bashed wouldn’t be pleasant either. Might as well follow him. And then maybe he could sneak off later.

“Hurry up. We don’t have all day!” The old nudged him a little with his stick.

“I’m coming. I’m coming.” Van muttered, gathering himself up from the wall.

“Good!” The old man half smiled, turned and left. “And don’t tried sneaking off!”

Van scrambled after the old man. He walked quickly for an old man and Van resorted to a half jog, still barely catching up to him.

“You took too long to decide and now we’re late. I suppose we’ll have to run a little.”

“Run?” Van panted. He wasn’t necessarily out of shape, but Van never took a liking in running. A slow jog? Maybe. But a long run? Not so much.

“Yes run! Now get going! Being late will do us no good!” He nudged Van again slightly with his stick.

“Being late to what?”

“Being late to everything!” The man sighed loudly. “Morley is never late to anything! He will not be late because of his companion!”

Great. So he was actually running alongside some insane old man. Morley was his name? Van was really starting to get tired and he started feeling the effects of long term running take its toll on him. He was having trouble keeping up with the old man.

How pathetic! You can’t even beat an old man in running!

Van drove himself to run faster and finally, the old man stopped abruptly in the middle of the road. Supposedly, they arrived at their destination. Van jerked to a stop and tripped on a rock doing so. He crashed onto the ground and felt a pain jolt up his leg. Did he really just do that?

But as Van laid on the ground, a plan slowly started formulating in his head.

The End

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