Meeting Old Man Morley

Van is an ordinary young man whisked away onto an adventure, most unwillingly, by a crazed old man named Morley. What dangers will they encounter? Who will they meet along the way? And just where are they going? You decide!

"We must duel!"

Van raised an eyebrow, unsure of the validity of this stranger's sudden outburst.

"You have offended my honour, boy, and now I must fight you to wipe away this blemish," he continued, one arm waving, alternatively pointing at himself, Van, and the sky.

Van took a few steps back, saying, "I'm not sure what you mean, I only just overtook you on the road."

"That's it!" he screamed, voice cracking. "A youth such as you should not lead his betters, not into a city as fine as this!"

"I wasn't leading you, you were moving too slowly-" Van was muttering before the man interrupted.

"Silence! Now we duel!"

With that he drew a dagger from his belt, though from the polished sheen Van knew it had never done anything more violent than open a letter. Nevertheless, the man swung it back and forth in front of him like a small scythe, prompting Van to take a few more steps back. He had a dagger of his own, tarnished and chipped with frequent use, but he hesitated to draw it against the crazed man.

"Draw your weapon and duel!" the man raged.

"Listen," Van said, palms stretched out as if to push his antagonist back. "I'm sorry for walking past you, I think, but this fight is foolish. Just put away your dagger and I'll let you walk past me. Alright?"

Van had continued to back away from the man stalking toward him, but now he felt a cold weight press against his back and shoulders. Glancing behind him, he saw that he was now standing in the shadow of the city's high walls, pressed against them with no escape.

The man was within spitting distance, and spit he did. "DRAW!" he shouted, spittle flying from his lips.

Van finally complied, but at just that moment a resounding thwack sounded and his antagonist fell forward into a heap. Behind him, bearing a large stick, was an old man.

"No time to explain!" he said in a hurried whisper. "Follow me!"

Again Van raised an eyebrow, mentally berating himself for deciding to visit the city today.

"And just where are we going?" he asked halfheartedly.

"On an adventure, fool!"

"And you expect me to agree to this?"

A serious look suddenly overtook the old man's visage. "Don't make me bash your skull in, too."

The End

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