Lost: page one.Mature

what will happen to Ann and Sara after they get kidnapped?

we all laughed at Sara's story. Sara always had a story for us. We were walking back from the mall where she met her friends. She always let us tag along. Even though she was fourteen, I was ten, and bay was five. " The queen grabbed the girls. Demanding them tell her where the.magic wand was." Sara continued with the story. Bay gripped.my hand tightly." Fine. The queen shouted. Off with their heads.No the girls screamed they..." Sara stopped.in the middle of her sentence. "What?" Bay asked. Sara pointed to the van that stopped a few feet ahead of us. "Oh no" I whispered. "Bay, Ann I need for us to run. As fast as we can understand?"  Sara said urgently. Me and bay nodded. We all broke out into a run. "Come here." A man's voice said behind us. Someone grabbed me."Ahhh" I screamed. Bay and Sara stopped running. "GO!" Sara screamed at Bay. Bay ran to the next street and stopped. Sara ran up to the guy who grabbed me. She hit him.  He grabbed her by her hair. "Sara!" I cry. I kick the guy. He let's me go for a moment. I run. But stop because I remember  Sara. "GO Ann. Get Bay safe." I shake my head. "I need to save you!" The guy that has her pulls out a knife."Come here or ill kill her." He shouts. I start walking towards him."Ann no." Sara shouts. I look back at Bay.   She's crying. Bay or Sara? "Ann go!" The man pushes Sara to the ground hard. He starts running toward me. He passes me. Oh no he's going after bay. I run after him."Bay  run." I shout.and she does. She runs into a 7-11. He comes at me. " Ann!" Sara says weakly. The man picks.me up. He doesn't let go this time when I kick him. He shoves me into the van and picks up Sara and throws her In the van. He locks the door and climbs in the front. I start crying. "Ann we are going to escape ok?" I nod through my tears.I was scared. The van comes to a sudden stop.He opens the door." Get out bitches!" He.said and pulls us aggressively to a run down apartment. Once we get in he ties us to chairs."what are you going to do with us?" Sara asks. "You live here now. If you ever escape ill kill you. I will untie you. Since there's no way you can escape this room." The man said. "That didn't answer my question." Sara said. "Don't give me attitude. Your mine now girls. Get ready for tonight. We are gonna have some fun." He says and unites us. Then he leaves.

The End

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