The trees whistled as the strong winds that had brought the strom the previous night began to settle.  Penny always liked the smell of the woods after the rains had been.  It washed away the staleness.  The air was fresh as a pair of Crows cawwed to each other.  Penny closed her eyes and became light headed she swayed, she felt good.

It's had been a while since she had felt this way, or felt anyway at all for that matter.  The car accident that had claimed all of her family a year ago, except her two year old daughter Josie, had left her on the brink of suicide.  She had slowy clawed her way back from the edge of reason and her life was back on track. 

"Jasper!"  She shouted.   Jasper was her baby.  He was a Red Setter, Josie adored him, especially when he shook his body and his long droopy jowels clapped together in a shower of saliva.  "Jasper!  Here boy!"  She shouted again.  He barked in his own gruff way and charged up from the beck than ran along side the path.  he was cover in mud, twigs and all sorts of other niceties.  The light was fading, it was late September and it was just about getting dark around tea time by now so she decided to head back to her car. 

The darkness quickly flooded in.  Something felt strange, wrong even.  It was a surreal feeling, a feeling that she shouldn't be there.  She clipped on Jaspers lead and walked briskly towards her car.  jasper had stopped larking around and kept a steady pace beside her.  "Come on boy!"  She said enthusiastically.  Not for his sake of course but to reassure herself.  She had become very nervous since the smash and simple things spooked her easily.

She unlocked her car, a rusty old Nissan Sunny, and they both jumped in.  She quickly started the engine and put her foot down.  The cars engine hummed as she turned up the heater, any sound felt comforting.  The rain began to drizzle again, not as ferocious as the night before but a down pour non the less.

It took her about twenty minutes to reach her mums, she had to pick Josie up, the thought of her daughter filled her with warmth again.  Josie had been to Whitby with her Grandparents for the weekend and Penny couldn't wait to sqeeze her chubby little cheeks or see the look on her face when Jasper bound into the room.

She turned the corner onto Saville Street and was met with a large crowd of people and suddenly realised they were reporters.   What the hell?  She thought.  Horror suddenly struck her when she realised whose house they were out side.  "Josie!"  She screamed.  She screeched to a halt and fought her way to the garden.  A Police officer stood at the gate.  "No visitors ma'am."  "It's my mothers house!"  She replied frantically. "Right you better follow me."

They entered the house which was packed with people, some in suits others in police uniforms.  "Josie!  Mum, Dad!"  Shouted Penny.  Her mum, Grace, appeared from the crowd of Police Officers.  She'd been crying, she was gaunt with horror. 

"Two men and a women, they asked for you.  The asked for the wife of Kelvin Garett.  They took her, they beat your father up and took her."  Grace continued but Penny had fallen back into the abyss.  Everything went into slow motion as a lady Officer spoke to them.  Suddenly Penny threw up, all of the walls and kitchen work top were covered, she shook violently and screamed hysterically. 

Through the madness a phone began to ring amist several shushing sounds.  It's them, their making forst contact.

"We have the child Josie Garett.  We demand the release of the codes held by Kelvin Garett.  We have no wish to harm he child but we will do what ever it takes.  We will call back in two hours.  If the codes are not in our posession by then the child will lose one limb per hour thereafter.  The speaker phone went dead.  Penny was delerious with shock and confusion.  What codes?  What does kelvin have to do with this?  It was all a blur.  Suddenly she remembered the briefcase under the bed and the big deal Kelvin used to make about not touching his work stuff. 

The End

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