Take One Moment

A collection of descriptions of different peoples' favourite moments :D (BTW You can write fictional stuff)

~ A Happy One

My smile widened and the rain trickled down my forehead then off of my nose. I crossed my eyes in an attempt to see the small, cleat and delicate drops of water fall. the familiar cricket orchestra began to play its only song, as three sparrows fluttered down from a close Elder tree. Under the cover of the many green sources of life, the tiny birds were still oblivious to the heavy rain that was pattering to the re-hydrating cracks in the dried muddy ground, only millimeters away from their young beaks. You and I stayed perched, like the hooting night owlets, on our fallen tree.

You always used to make me laugh there. I hugged your jar and one salty tear joined God's raining down on us. You were getting heavier as tiny parts of God joined you in your jar and your dust became one pure form. I found the power to let you go and I poured you into the ground with the roses. 

Over the years you finally found the willpower to push through winters and for the first time since I knew you...

The roses bloomed. So, rest in peace, I love you Claire!

The End

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