Take My Heart

   Chapter One


          A black car zoomed down the highway, past the bland land they called their home. In the car, a mother with bright blond hair, was scolding her children. Why? Let's just say the oldest daughter, Victoria, was being a horrible teenager.


          "What now, Vic?" The mom turned her head around and looked at Victoria with her brown eyes that matched her daughters.

          "When are we going to be there? Where ever 'there' is." She whined.

          "You've asked me that question a million times already. And you know I don't answer to whiny girls exspecially whiny girls who don't say the magic word."

          "Please?" Vic pouted her lip and batted her long eyelashes, that she knew no one could resist.

          "Okay, that's better. We'll be there in a half hour."

          "Where is there exactly?"

          "I don't know. Only Steve knows."

          Victoria stuck her head up to her stepfather's face and asked him the same question. Unfortunately he didn't answer. This was the way Steve was, mean and rotten and arrogant, but her mother didn't believe her. Vic never understood why her mother had married him.

Will finish later. :)

The End

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