Take Me In

Ninfa Luctan is a girl who have a jumbled up DNA. Part human, part cat :D


There was a cardboard box on the edge of the street, it was soggy due to the excessive rain from the storm. Scrawled on the side in now-smudged ink was the words 'Please take me in'.

Harry, who was only seven at the time, caught sight of the box and jogged over to it. He opened the flaps carefully and peered inside. Within the small confinements of the obx was a little black and ginger kitten. It mewed at him, Harry thought it sounded like the kitted was crying.

Harry picked up the squeaking creature and cradeled it in his arms.

'It's okay,' he cooed, 'it's going to be alright. I'll look after you.'

The kitten relaxed for a second then squirmed in Harry arms.

'Nya! Nya!' It mewed loudly. Harry could have sworn he saw the kitten shake it's little head.

But the, much to his suprise, there was 'poof' noise and there was no longer a kitten in his arms. . . but a terrified, shivering girl!

The End

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