Chapter Four

Tania and Justus had been talking for a while when she strangly felt something wasn't right. She walked toward the window, followed by Justus, and looked out toward the forest just in time to see Elisa get picked up by a boy she couldn't make out. She watched as the other kids hovered by laughing. Angered, Tania forgot about Justus and flew out of the window just as Elia was dropped.

"Tani?" Justus asked flying out after her. "What's wrong?" just then he noticed the falling girl. Tania didn't answer as she flew faster as her daughter got closer to the ground. That was when Elisa started screaming.

Elisa was only a few feet away from the ground when Tania caughter her. Tania flew up so she was level with the other kids. Justus not far behind. Elisa was clutching her mother tightly.

"How dare you!" her voice was venomous. She turned to see who had dropped her and got even more angery "I'm even more apalled that you helped out with this, Soaren!"  Positioning herself so she could see all of them she continued talking. "I hope that I never see this kind of behavoir ever again or I will contact your parents." I'm still going to tell their parents. she thought as she waited for their reply

"Sorry Tania. It won't happen again." they said in unison

"It better not!" Tania huffed as she flew back to the house.

"Tania! What's the matter?" Justus after Tania set Elisa on a chair. "Who is this? Where are her wings?" Tania took a deep breath, exchanging glances with Elisa.

"Please don't freak out when I tell you." she turns toward him with a worried expression on her face. "Justus meet Elisa. My daughter." Justus's face turned to shock.

The End

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