Chapter Three

When class was finally over Elisa traveled home as fast as she could. If she still had her wings she'd be at her house in a heart beat. Elisa used to be the best flyer in her school. Would she be acting like Sky if she still had them? When she finally reached her house she relaxed a little. Walking in she froze as she heard talking.

Wonderful time Justus. Now I have to spend a while outside! she thought as she backed out. Looking around she quickly ran toward the forest to hide so that Sky and her group couldn't come after her. But as usual they found her before she could do anything.

"Oh look. Wingless's mommy has her boyfriend over so she has to stay outside so she doesn't have to be looked at." Current taunted landing in front of her while the others circled up ahead. Hannah landed next to him, sneering.

"Hey guys I think Wingless is looking a little sad. Maybe we should take her for a spin." Hannah said. Before Elisa could say anything she felt hands wrap around her waist. Elisa gasped. Over the past seven years Elisa had begun developing a strange fear of heights. Now her bullies were going to find that part out. She felt her feet leave the ground and closed her eyes.

"Oh my gosh!" Sky laughed "Look at poor Wingless! She's scared!" Hannah and Current joined Sky in laughing. Soaren was the one holding her.

"Who would've ever known that the greatest flyer would be scared of heights!" Current said laughing harder. Suddenly the hands around Elisa's waist vanished and she opened her eyes to see the ground growing closer as she plumeted toward it.

The End

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