Chapter Two

"What do we have here?" a voice Elisa knew so well spoke up from behind her as she walked a way from her house. "How's the Wingless Freak doing?"

"Why good morning Sky. I was doing just fine until you flew into the picture but thanks for asking any way." Elisa said sweetly. In truth she was really annoyed and angery with them but she tried her best to not let them know that. Most of the time she was very unsucessful. Sky landed in front of Elisa, ostentatiously folding her wings back. Elisa fought the urge to strangle Sky and pushed past her.

"What's the matter Wingless? Cat got your tounge?" Hannah called after her. Determined to get away from them as quick as possible she didn't see Soaren standing up ahead and ran into him.

"Watch it Freak!" he said as she fell to the ground. It was all she could do not to burst out in tears. Soaren used to be her friend. He was the one who had warned her but did she listen to him? No! He had still gotten in a lot of trouble because she told the Elders what had really happened instead of the story that Soaren had told her to say where he didn't have anything to do with it. Even though in the real story he still had nothing to do with it but he had crossed the boundary line with Elisa. Yet he still hated her non the less.

Without saying anything she stood up and shoved him aside giving him a pained look but if he cared he sure didn't say anything. Elisa wished with all her heart that she could turn back the time and stop herself from ever making that choice to enter the cave. She continued walking and didn't stop until she had reached her class(which was in fact just a grassy hill).

"Good morning students we will now continue with the flying lessons today." their teacher smiled and told everyone where each flying level would be. Elisa of course just sat there staring up at the sky.

I am a total freak. she thought as she struggled to keep from crying as she watched the others soar through the wind. Why didn't I listen to Soaren when I had the chance? she asked herself for the millionth time.

The End

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