Chapter One

Seven Years Later...

Elisa was laying on her bed doing her best not to look out the window where the other kids her age where flying, trying to make her jealous. It was working pretty well even if she was good about not showing it. After a minute she turned to watch them.

Soaren's with them. she thought doing her best to not cry, Why didn't I listen to him? If I had I would've never becom the Wingless Freak! "How could I have been so careless?!" she kicked the wall and only then did she realize that she was now standing up.

Her mind went back to the "incident" that happened seven years ago. There she was being a complete idoit and decided to fly into the cave. A place marked forbidden by the Elders. She still didn't know why it was forbidden. All she remembered was flying through the darkness then suddenly being suck down a wind tunnel. She woke up in her room just after the healers cut her wings off. One reason was because they wouldn't be able to work hardly ever again and the second reason was because she had broken the law and entered the cave. So even if she hadn't been sucked down the wind tunnel she would've lost her wings.

Now she just did her best to get around and avoide Sky, Hannah, Current and Soaren. Sometimes she even tried to avoide her mother. Especially since her father left because he was so embarassed about having a wingless daughter. He had wanted to throw her out but Tania, her mother, had protected her. Now Tania was being visted by this guy named Justus and she had a feeling it would be better to wait until later before she revealed herself to him.

"Eli it's time for school!" Tania called from the front room "Hurry up or you'll be late!" groaning Elisa grabbed her bag and prepared herself for her walk to school.

The End

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