Take Flight

In a land where everyone has feathered wings, well that is almost everyone. Years ago, an acident happened. Elisa used to be one of the top flyers in her school but now, she's the only wingless figure that the world knows about and now her dreams of ever returning to the sky seem impossible. Now it's up to her to save their world or let it fall into destruction.

"Come on! Is that what you call racing?" a young girl with long red hair and pure white wings called back. Her companion, a boy her age with short shaggy brown hair with black and brown spotted wings, followed a little ways back.

"Look just because I'm not as good of a flyer as you doesn't mean you have to gloat about it!" he yelled. That's when he noticed where she was leading them. "Elisa! You know we're not supposed to be here! It's forbidden!" he stopped and began hovering in the air. Elisa turned around to face her friend.

"Come on Soaren! Don't chicken out now!" she pleaded with him "We won't be here long. It'll just be a quick peek. No one will know about it!"

"No, I have a bad feeling about this. If you want to do it then fine do it. I'm leaving." and this time he meant it. Soaren had gotten into so much trouble for doing things with Elisa he was sick of it. He wasn't going to do that any more.

"Fine." Elisa said turning back to the mountain with the dark tunnel that she was about to go into until Soaren chickened out. Taking a deep breath she flapped her wings and flew in.

The End

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