Take Care Of The Land, Someday You'll Be Part Of It

A piece I wrote after viewing a meme on Facebook.

I do, it's a part of me now.

I travel this land,
foot in sand,

water, sun and snow.
As the seasons pass by,
I go with the flow.

I love my Mother, she's given me so much.
and my earthly Mom too, she's sacrificed a bunch.
I love father, time's on my side.
I love my dad for being there when I cried.
I'm delighted to have the parents I do.
I am a blessed soul through and through.

With an open heart I'll plant many seeds in the land.
They'll blossom into trees of love with branches like hands.
There for others, not expecting a thing.
Just there, full of love meant for sharing.

The End

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