Take a step back.

I began to shake and shiver,

My confidence withered

As I entered the pitch black cavern.

The sunlight behind me began to whine.

The earth beneath me proceeds to moan.

The sunlight growls with an unforgiving tone,

Don’t go on, you will surely miss home.



I began to roam.

As a smell of putrid fear

Permeates all throughout.

My spine became entwined, my eyes swelled with tears.

The guidance I once received

Had suddenly disappeared.


The darkness had grown thicker, the air thinner

The earth beneath me that once had been so grateful, now bitter.

Each breath, a valiant effort.

My ears bored, more or less deaf.

My ambition had died, my craving for life cringed inside.

This once promising journey had no promise left.


I lied in the thick pitch black.

I had once sought upon a purpose greater than thou.

Yet all I received was dreadful hopelessness.

All I yearned for now was guidance, once so abundant…

Now scarce like a good breath of air.

This whole journey is pointless, I screamed to myself.


A blinding ray of light

Delivered much needed insight,

It exclaimed in subtle fashion

If one seeks to learn a new language

They must know how to speak,

If one seeks upon adulthood,

Have confidence in a cherished childhood.

The voice faded and I busted with a new found purpose.


I took a step back, to return from whence I came.

The End

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