Chapter 5Mature

My eyes are bulging out of my head, I am sure of it. Jamal is saying something to me but I can't hear him. I'm too fascinated by the huge plane that is in front of me right now. It's a pearl black and it is shining from the sun beaming down on it. I didn't even notice the sun was out until I seen the plane. Though I wouldn't call this a plane, this is more like a space ship holding an entire colony.
"By you being speechless, I take it as you like it?"
I could only nod in my response. My eyes were still glued to the plane until a thought crossed my mind.
"I'm scared of heights," I blurt out.
He raises an eyebrow at me and looks up at the plane. He looks back at me looking very serious.
"I won't let anything happen to you,"he says. I get a flutter in my stomach by his words. I shouldn't since I just met the man. I don't believe in such things, so why are they having impact with this man.
"You can't control the plane, the weather, or... God." I throw my hands up. I am scared to death. The plane ride here was so scary I wanted to jump out and land in the ocean water. I 'd rather be in there then on a plane. It's a weird thought, but it is the truth.
"I always pray before I get on the plane Janet. And when I say I'll protect you... what I mean is I'll get you off that thing before any pain comes to you. We have safety procedures just like any other plane. As far as the heights fright baby, just look at me and talk to me to keep your mind off it."
"That's easier said than done."
"Then I'll keep you occupied."
Jamal just chuckles and places his hand on my lower back to guide me towards the plane. He gives our belongings to a guy that rushed over to us and he picks me up bridal style and starts walking up the stairs to the plane.
"What the hell are you doing Jamal,"I screech.
"Oh baby that wasn't a good sound at all."
"Jamal put me down,"I order.
"Hmm you sound soo sexy giving orders," then he winks.
"Then give me a job," I say jokingly.
He places me down near a leather chair and moves in front of me and sits down. I look around the lavish plane and everything inside is black. The chairs, tables, doors, even the drinking coasters are black. Is that saying something? Or maybe it's his favorite color. I sit in my sit which is on the right side of the plane. There are two seats connected and two others on the cross side. There are small tables in the middle of the four chairs and there are two sets of four on both rows. I turn to the back of the plane and notice two doors and curiosity overtakes me as I stare at the doors. When I turn back around Jamal is staring at me with a sharp gleam in his eyes.
"What,"I ask.
"Do you like it," he asks.
"It's very nice Jamal." I want to tell him that I'm not really a fan of leather but it isn't my place.
"I'm glad to hear it." My heart does back flips knowing that I had pleased him with my answer. That is weird.
He reached under his seat and pulls out a briefcase. I watch him as his opens it and takes out a few papers and starts working. I wonder what he does.
"What exactly do you do?"
He looks up at me with a weird look on his face. What?
"Why are you looking at me like that?"
"Do you mean you don't know who I am?"
I stare at him and I start thinking, but I can't place him. So I shake my head in response. Then, he starts laughing. A loud deep laugh that can be heard from the outside . I give him a look that makes him laugh even harder.
"Oh shit, you're crazy."
He has tears in his eyes and when he wipes them away, he shakes his head.
"I'm not crazy Janet. I'm just...amazed."
"What are you amazed about," I ask him.
My hands are tightly gripped on both sides of the arm rest of the chair I'm sitting in. I sit back and before I could say anything else, a guy with a black suit on and a captain 's hat walks into the room from behind me.
"Sir...she's ready to go."
"Then let's go.I want to get there so I can leave."
The man nods and walks back to where he came from. I turn towards Jamal who is looking at some papers in front of him.
"Why are you going if you don't want to go?"
"Because my family insist on it," he says.
I'm confused by his answer and I want to ask further questions but I don't want to disturb him while he's working. I didn't let the man take my purse so I take out my phone and ear plugs and I place them in my ears. When I find what I am looking for I lean my head back and close my eyes. Then I feel my legs being lifted and I sit up to see Jamal placing my legs on his. He gives me a wink and starts working again. I'm in deep trouble.


The End

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