Chapter 4Mature

"Jamal... did you just say the Bahamas?"
I look at Jamal and fidget withvmy fingers a little. I couldn't had heard him correctly.
"I did. You'll have a great time boo."
I give him a small smile and then I excuse myself to go to the restroom.
I turn around and Jamal walks over to me to take my bags. I touch his arm letting it be a small 'thank you' and head towards the restrooms. I enter and I splash cool water on my face . I take some paper towels and pat my face dry , then I stare at my reflection in the mirror. When I looked at myself I couldn't see for the life of me what others did see. I had a milk chocolate complexion, round deep brown eyes, tight cheekbones, full lips the were too big for my face, wavy thick hair, small push-up nose, thick plucked eyebrows, my eyelashes were too long, 38B breasts, and too wide of hips. I exhaled at remembering boys in school calling me ugly then when I tried to walk away, slapping my ass. I didn't say anything, especially at home. I just went in my room and hid behind books and my favorite movies. I was happy to graduate but I didn't leave. I stayed to help my parents and even though I love them I wish I would've taken that scholarship. I shake out of my funk and wash my hands. I don't want to keep Jamal waiting.
I took one more look at the mirror and headed back to the front. Jamal was sitting waiting for me and it is very rude of me to keep him waiting. As I headed out I bumped into someone walking in the restroom.
"Oh... I'm sorry."
"Seems like it," she says with a snare. She's really tall, caramel skin tone, red lipstick, light brown eyes, brownish eye shadow, and slim. "Watch where you're going."
I lean on my hip and stare at her up and down. She lifts an eyebrow at me and looks at me quizzically. I step towards her and look her dead in her eyes.
"Excuse me,"I say.
"Whatever." She turns and walks into one of the stalls.
"Bitch," I mumble. I walk out and towards to where I left Jamal and I see him on his phone. He's always on that thing. When I reach him he looks up and gives me that killer smile.
"Hey, what took you so long?"
"I ran into a bitch." That made him laugh. I giggle a little along with him.
"You must've ran into Olivia."
I stand there in shock. What? Who?
"I'm sorry?"
"She is an old...friend?"
I only nod because I really don't want to know the details.
"It's a long story and you don't want to know the details. Shall we go?"
He puts his hand on the lower part of my back and leads me in the opposite direction from where people are boarding planes. I look up at him in confusion and he smiles down at me.
"Where are we going? The planes load back that way," I say pointing behind me. Jamal chuckles and grabs my hand.
"That's right. But my plane is over here," he points to some gate.
We walk outside and standing before us is an all black plane with Warrison Inc on the side of it. I look up Jamal and see him smiling at me.
"Welcome to my world baby ."

The End

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