Chapter 3Mature

I stared out the window and back at Jamal who was still staring me.
"Thank you Dave."

Dave got out the car and walked around to open the door. Jamal got out and extended his hand for me to grab. I took his hand then stepped off to the side to wait for my bags. I heard Jamal speaking and that is when I realized that he was still on the phone. When Dave gave me my bags I turned and walked inside the airport, not even looking behind me to see if Jamal was behind me. I went to the information desk and a pretty blond woman was speaking on the phone when I approached. I stood there silently waiting for her to get off the phone when a tap on my shoulder got my attention. When I turned and seen Jamal I gave him a fake smile and tilted my head.

"You were still on the phone and I didn't want to disturb you," I say partly lying.
Jamal shakes his head at me and let's out a low chuckle. 

"Janet you don't have to do that. And you don't have to ask for information either," he says.
"I need to see how much the ticket to California is."
"I thought I clarified that you owe me one."
"Look, I am very grateful for your help but I can't just hop on a plane and go somewhere with a stranger."
"You got into a limo with tilted windows with me and for all you know , Dave and I could've been series killers."
He gives me a beautiful smile and grabs my hand.
"It would be a honor if you accompany me on this trip and I will be very happy to pay your ticket back home as well."
"Which I was going to do anyway," says Jamal with a smile on his face.
"You are not paying my way and I am not going to go with you on your trip. I need to get back home so I could do something for my...."
"What? For your what Janet?"
"Nothing Jamal but I can take it from here."
"I don't want you too," he whispers.
"You. Don't. Want. Me . Too."
He shakes his head at me.
"This is crazy," I whisper.
I look at my hands in front of me. I try to look everywhere but at him.
He takes his index finger and places it under my chin to make me look up at him.
"My brother is getting married and I need a date. I want you." His voice is deep and sexy. I almost melt and give in but I shake my head. He sighs in frustration and I clear my throat.
"I need to get home. I-I'm sorry."
"What do I have to do to get you to come with me?"
"Nothing. This weekend with him all ready ruined my birthday so...
"Hold on a second... did you just say it's your birthday?"
I close my mouth and just stare at him. Damn why did I say that?
" it?"
"Not today. Day after tomorrow," I answer.
He smiles at me and grabs my hand. He plants a kiss on the back of it and my breath catches in my throat.
"Please join me. As a birthday gift."
I stare into his eyes then and I immediately start to think over my options. I want to go but something inside of me is telling me not too. That I am making a mistake. I've never just took a chance and looking at Jamal I want too. I want to with him. What am I saying? I just met him not even two hours ago!
But that voice in my head won't let me be so...
"Alright. I'll go."
His eyes light up and he smiles at me. I can't help but smile myself.
He tugs at my hand and leads me to the ticket booth. When we get there we are greeted by a really pretty woman with latte skin tone and a T-Boz hair style with her black skirt and white dress shirt. She smiles when she see us and Jamal takes the lead.
"Not flying on your own Mr. Warrison?"
Huh? She knows him?!
"Not this time Sasha. Can I have two tickets to the Bahamas?"
Did he just say the Bahamas?

The End

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