Chapter 2Mature

I call the taxi place again since I forgot to tell the guy to wait for me. When I get hold of the company, the manager sounds irritated when I tell him that I need another ride to the airport. He sighs through the phone and then he tells me that someone will be there to pick me up at the hotel shortly and then he just hung the phone up in my face. I stood there with my mouth gaped open just staring at the screen. 
"Oh no he didn't," I said out loud.
I start dialing the number again but before I can dial the number I hear my name being called. When I turn around and see its James, I start walking away from him. He keeps shouting my name and I continue to ignore him.
"Please go away and don't follow," I can't. I keep changing hoping it works and once I stop hearing my name I smile. Yes!
Then someone grabs me and when I swing around , it's James panting. I smile seeing him with his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. Call me evil... but it's such a lovely sight.
"What is it James?"
He finally leans up and looks at me with some sweat on his brow. His places his hands on his hips and looks at me.
"Where do you think your going with your shit?"
"It's my shit so why is it a problem," I ask taken back.
"How in the fuck are you going to let me spend money to get you here to meet my family and you run off ! You are nothing but a inconsiderate, spoiled, worthless, useless, bitch!"
Tears run down my face at his words. I look at the man who I thought I was building something with. I step back and look at each side of the street but I don't see anything coming that looks like a taxi. I wipe my tears away and girl away from James. Now what?
"Get your ass back in the hotel room now." I turn around and shake my head at him. He has his nerve.
I turn to look for that taxi when a sharp pain hits my arm. It's then that I realize that James grabbed my arm and is pulling me towards the hotel. I try to pull away but James is very strong. When I begin to call for help, James is knocked on the ground.
"Get your fucking hands off of her!"
I turn to look at a man who is looking at James with hatred in his eyes.
He is very handsome . He looks to be over six feet, lean muscle, caramel skin tone with Hazel eyes. He has full lips, tone cheekbones, brownish fade of hair, and  he's wearing a tan suit. I realize that I am gawking at him when he is talking to me.
"Huh? I'm sorry what did you say?"
"I asked you if you were all right,"he said.
"Yes and no,"I answered honestly.
He nodded his head and stared back down at James who was still on the ground rubbing his cheek.
"I hate that I'm about to say this to you but are you okay James?"
"I just been knocked on my ass Janet, what the fuck do you think?"
"Watch your damn mouth!"
"Can you kick him now," I ask.
The guy turns to look at me and gives me a small smile. I stare in his eyes and it feels like time just stops. I forget about James being on the ground and everything else around us.
"This has nothing to do with you dude so get lost this is between me and my woman,"hisses James rising to his feet.
"I'm not going anywhere and if that's how you speak to women then maybe I should knock you on your ass again."
"I'm up now so what's up,"says James stepping back.
"Yeah barely."
I jump in between them and hold both hands out.
"No... Stop okay. There will be no fighting ."
"I'm not leaving you with him."
"I'm waiting on the taxi right now to take me to the airport. Which should've been here a while ago since all he had to do was make a U-turn." I looked in both directions on the street and still didn't see a taxi. What the hell?
"I'll take you to the airport. I'm headed that way myself anyway."
"Janet! How can you even consider this shit? You don't even know him hell he could be a killer."
"I'm not even close and keep talking because you find out what I am in a minute."
"Okay Mike Tyson slow your role. I am going with him James and you need to back off. If you didn't get the hint all ready, we are done."
I stare at James and he rubs his jaw then gives the guy the finger and walks off. I let out a sigh of relief and turn to look at the man that helped me.
"Thanks for that mister...
"Warrison. Jamal Warrison."
"Mr. Warrison I thank you so much for this."
"Don't worry about it. Let's go."
He places his hand on my lower back and leads me to a black limo. Woah.
I didn't even notice it before and now I'm going to ride in it. When we reach it a man hops out the car and comes and grabs my suitcase.
"Thank you." He gives me a nod and heads to the back. I stand next to Jamal and wait for the driver to load my suitcase in the trunk. I try not to look at him but I cannot help myself. I sneak a peek up since he is so much taller than me and he is looking at me all ready. I am a little taken back but I immediately look away. The driver hurries over and opens our door for us. Jamal motions for me to get in first before him and I do, then he is right behind me. I sit and buckle my seat and and I glance at Jamal and he is on his phone . I take this time to just sit and look out the window then we pull off. After a few minutes a phone goes off and I hear Jamal deep sexy voice. I try to push him out of my mind but at the same time I can't help dropping in on his conversation.
"I will be there mother. I was going to bring her but we had a little set back. No, I may not. At least I'm going to the wedding."
"I will be there as soon as I can. Wait... actually mother book me for two."
I didn't like the sound of that. Ahem I turned to look at him, he was staring me down with his eyes. I shook my head rapidly at him and he gives me a smile.
"You better not do this to me,"I hiss at him.
He winks at me and then mouths, "You owe me."
Before I could protest the car makes a complete stop.
"We 're here at the airport sir."


The End

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