Chapter 1Mature

What if you woke up from a dream that could easily become a reality?

"You are worthless Janet!"
"Oh is that what you really think of me James? All I've ever been to you is worthless?"
"Hell what else have you been? I've been doing everything in this damn relationship and shit I shouldn't even be doing. You need to handle your own shit."
"I didn't ask you to do anything for me James," I yell at him.
"You didn't say NOT to do it either Janet!"
I pace back and forth of James’s mother t.v. I should've left after everything was said at that dinner table with his family.
"Well you don't have to do nothing for me anymore then. If it's such a big ass issue and I am a huge problem then don't worry about me anymore!"
I walked around James and walked out his mother's house. I stood on the porch and when I found my cell phone in my purse I dialed for a taxi. James came out the door and I rushed to the curb and quickly gave the service the address. The man said the taxi would be pulling up no later than ten minutes since the service wasn't far. I had my arms crossed and tapping my foot on the pavement when a hand touched my shoulder. I turned and seen James behind me with a smile on his face.
"Which personality are you going to show me right now?"
His smile disappeared at my words. I just shook my head and glanced down the street to see if the taxi was coming, the street was still clear.
"Stop being so childish and stubborn and come back inside the house."
"I am not doing that James. Do you honestly believe I am about to sit there and let your family ridicule me? What the hell have you been telling them anyway?"
"The truth," he says.
"I couldn't been that James . Because the truth is you are not taking care of me. Yes you been paying my phone bill but that is all you've been paying and doing. Don't play like you've been taking care of me since we been together. Plus you just paid it hell I asked you not too James. I can't believe you been filling them with all these lies and let them speak to me that way."
"You can't take everything so seriously Janet. Plus, you will never find someone like me so my family is some people you will have to deal with."
"I don't have to deal with anything James. They are your family, not mine."
The front porch opened and James’s mother, brother and his wife, sister and her husband walked out and stood on the porch watching us.
"We are going to become family though," yelled out his mother.
"Yeah, you guys are getting married remember," yelled his brother.
I faced James and he looked scared.
"What are they talking about,"I ask.
His family then start to look confused. We all was waiting on James to explain.
"I kind of , sort of told them that we were engaged," he whispered.
I stared at James in disbelief. I can't believe he did this.
"You are unbelievable." I looked towards his family spoke as loud as I could. "He didn't propose and there will be no wedding!"
When I turned back I seen the taxi and I stepped off the curb to wait for him to stop. Then I feel someone grab my arm and Jame's is looking at me with his hand on my upper arm. The taxi pull up next to me and I snatch my arm from his gasp.
"Where are you going? I have the key and your bags are inside the hotel boo so you can't leave. I'm also your ticket back to California if you forgotten." James smiles at me cockily. He thinks his won.
"Keep telling yourself that."
I get inside the taxi and I give him the address to the hotel that we are staying at and he drives me there.

The cab gets me there in thirty minutes and I go up to the reception desk and I give her my name and who I'm with. At first she's being difficult since James placed the hotel in his name but after giving her my sob story of what just happen, she feels sorry for me and hands me a spare key. I give her a soft smile and a light thank you and go to my room. He had to get the highest hotel room and it had to be located at the far end of the corridor. I walked and let myself in when I reach the door. I don't know why but I wanted James to be on the other side waiting to apologizing to me. When I opened the door and I was met by silence , disappointment swept over me. I walked to the center of the room and looked at my suitcase that is on the queen size bed.
"I'm not going to cry," I whisper.
With that, I grabbed my suitcase and looked everywhere else to make sure I didn't miss anything and when I was satisfied... I walked out.

The End

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