Taiya Star

Taiya Star is an orphan. For 13 years of her life she has always thought she has been alone in the world. Until she hears news she has an Uncle and Aunt in London. Taiya goes to live with them but what she wasn't told was that her Uncle wasn't exactly NORMAL. All too soon, Taiya is thrown into a world she never knew existed, with demanding screaming widows, messages written in blood, dark villains and pregnant wife's. It's taking all Taiya's energy just to survive but can she save her race as we


The clock that was on the wall above the door was very strange indeed. Instead of numbers around the outer edge it had words and letters, and instead of one clock face it had two faces visible through the protective outer glass. It looked as though it had been carved out of fine wood, and some fine artist had drawn a pair of wings encased in what seemed to be a golden shining halo right in the corner of the clock.

The clock gave a little ping, and the little hand slowly ticked round to where the number eleven should have been on the left clock face. As opposed to the number eleven, the letter p was written in elegant italic writing and that, was exactly where the big hand was currently now pointing to. On the other clock face, intricate symbols bordered the edge and the big hand was in between the symbol that looked to be a fish with quite a bemused expression on its face squashed up inside a glass, and the symbol of a light bulb shaded black.

To any normal person, the clock would have befuddled them silly trying to work out how the time was supposed to be conveyed, but Mr Sesame wasn’t a normal person and he knew perfectly well how the clock worked and even though there was not a number in sight, Sesame knew exactly how all those letters, words, and symbols told the time in a way that made complete sense.

He leaned back in his comfortable chair and brought his fingers to his nose and with one long finger; he dug deep up his nostrils and extracted a bogey the size of quite a long apple core.

There was a huge jerking snore and a women seated in a desk chair on wheels woke up, sucking the dribble back up off her chin and back into her mouth.

“Don’t do that dear, picking bogies is rather disgusting.” She said, blinking large brown eyes and tidying up her black hair wrapped neatly up in a bun.

Sesame shrugged,

“Sorry.” He said, and with one flick, the bogie went sailing through the air.

They sat for sometime in silence, the man tapping his fingers together as he surveyed the magnificent clock. The woman glanced at the clock and then back at Sesame. She sat back and closed her eyes.

“It’s nearly time you know.” Sesame announced to his wife. The woman sighed,

“It’s been ‘nearly time’ for the past four years, what makes today any different from all the other times?”

“I’m sure of it, Henry.”

“You’ve been ‘sure of it’ for a very long time dear and it always results to nothing and please don’t call me Henry, you know how it gets to me. When we married you said ‘I take thee Henrietta Jane.’  Perfectly well so I know you can say it, it’s just laziness. Henrietta will be just fine in future.”

“I can feel it Henry!” Said Sesame, getting fairly excited, “She’ll be here any day now, Henry, I know it.”

The woman snorted,

She is not going to be arriving here any day, Sesame, and you know that perfectly well. I don’t know why you choose to be so ignorant, when you are a reasonably clever gentleman. This girl probably doesn’t even exist!”

Sesame grinned and looked at  Henrietta.

“Of course she exists! Taiya Star is a living, breathing girl and she will be the one to remove all our problems!”

Taiya Star.” Said Henrietta scornfully. “And just what kind of name is Taiya Star anyway? A simple name such as Jane or Ann would have been just fine!” And she slapped her knee in self-agreement.

“How do you know that it was her Mother who named her?” Said Sesame, slightly amused.

Of course it was her Mother who named her!” Cried Henrietta, as though this was on par with being as obvious as the sun rising each day. “Good God Sesame, don’t act so dumb! When our child is born, I’ll be the one dishing out the name.”

Sesame raised his eyebrows but said nothing. Henrietta sniffed at looked at the strange clock on the wall. She really found that clock quite annoying and Sesame was always talking about it as though it was the best thing in the whole of the house. Night and day Sesame sat in front of that clock, observing it as thought the answers to life were circled around the outer edge. Henrietta had enough of an idea to bet that Sesame didn’t have the slightest idea what the clock was for and only sat there looking at it to make himself feel important and to give him something to do. And as for this Taiya Star, Henrietta betted this was also a figment of Sesame’s fantastic imagination. Even though Sesame truly had gone to town on this one, giving the girl a name, an age, an identity, and saying blatantly that Taiya Star would be coming to stay soon when Henrietta could not see how this could be possible. Was Sesame saying the truth or was his old age taking him on a crazy ride to the loony town?

“Sesame.” Henrietta began, “Is this Taiya Star actually a real girl? Does she actually exist?”

Sesame sat for a while, his fingers slowly inching towards his long nose. He seemed to be considering himself if Taiya Star was indeed a real girl or if he had dreamed her up from the depths of his vast mind. Finally he seemed to conclude that she was a real girl and that his mind hadn’t played a part in her actuality because he gave a little nod to Henrietta.

“And what is so special about her? You act as though the sun can’t shine without her. Do you care about her rather than your own child?” Henrietta’s voice wobbled and her hands curved around her stomach protectively, as though trying to show her child that at least she had one loving parent. Sesame frowned, his dark eyebrows knitting together.

“Of course I care about the child, my own flesh and blood. How could I not? How could you ask such a question Henrietta?”

Henrietta bit her lip, wishing she could bite back her own words; Sesame had to be truly upset if he’d even resulted to using her full name.

“Well,” Said Henrietta, shifting on the chair, her bossy manner returning, “If the girl is indeed coming to stay then you must get the house looking decent Sesame. It’s really not good enough Sesame, now I know your trying your best but I won’t have a stranger come to stay in a pig-sty. I can’t do it obviously....”

A ghost of a smile whispered around Sesame’s lips as he listened to his wife’s moaning. Even though she did drive him crazy, he knew he wouldn’t have her any other way. And then right in the middle of her sentence, the next word right on the tip of her tongue, Henrietta fell into a deep sleep, a long sliver of dribble appearing on her bottom lip. Sesame watched her for a bit and then turned back to studying the weird and wonderful clock that hung in his living room.

The End

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