Tainted Ties - Chapter FifteenMature

Chapter Fifteen

My body felt numb except for my chest, that area burned and agonized. I could hear shouting around me, I was vaguely aware of Rissa's arms wrapped around me. Wetness touched my cheeks. She was crying.

Help him Anya, you know you can” the bastard that tried to shoot Rissa said. He didn't speak again, I heard the breaking of glass. I think Anya had thrown him out the window to fall thirty something storeys. Good I thought as my vision began to grow dark. It was easier to ignore the pain now.

Can you help him?” Rissa whispered by my ear. I could just imagine the way her face looked right now, her beautiful green eyes wide and wishful. I'd taken a bullet to the heart, nothing could save me. But that didn't bother me. As long as Rissa was safe.

I can save him...but the cost is high” Anya replied. What?

He will become something else Rissa, are you sure you wish that upon him?” Anya continued. Something else?

Just don't let him die” Rissa said, grasping my hand. I'm amazed I can still feel her touching me.

Very well, give him space after I do this” Anya said. I felt hands cooler than my own touch my forehead. I felt warm breath against my neck then a sharp pain. It didn't last long as something else raced through my blood. It felt like a drug whatever it was, concealing the pain of the bite. I tried hopelessly to piece everything together. She pulled away and the high faded, then she covered my mouth with something, her hand? She must've of cut it because I could feel blood dripping down. I tried to move away, but I was too weak. I didn't like this anymore, Rissa should just let me die. But I couldn't say anymore as a new pain coursed through me. It made the bullet seem like a scratch in comparison. It felt like my whole body was changing, altering into something else. Wasn't that what Anya said I'd become?

Rissa, stay back, he isn't safe yet!” Anya yelled, what did she mean. I felt a warm hand touch mine. Rissa. Suddenly her scent was overpowering, it wasn't just mint either, there was something else my nose was smelling.

Rissa, no, please. It isn't safe!” Anya yelled louder this time, genuine worry touching her voice, Rissa ignored her. I tried to move away, but it's like I'd lost control of my own body. I pulled Rissa into me, my teeth grew and found her neck against my will. Her metallic blood entered my mouth and I was aware of just how dry my throat felt. I couldn't stop, I tried, I tried so hard. When my body returned control to me I backed away from her. But it was too late. I tried to speak, but all that escaped my lips were unintelligible sounds.

I warned her, she didn't listen” Anya said, brushing a hand through Rissa hair, then she turned to lookat me.

This isn't your fault” Anya replied and I found my words.

How can it not be?” I whispered, my eyes stinging from tears. Anya said nothing. She just stood up and held out a hand. I took it, no clue what I was supposed to do. We walked out of the room. We didn't say anything to the others, I couldn't look at them anymore. Not when their presence made the fangs grow. Eventually I felt the cold sting of the wind as we left the building. There was a car already waiting for Anya.

You should come with me” Anya said

Why?” I replied, as if I could reject her suggestion after everything.

You need to learn control, and I did this to you...for Rissa. The least I can do now is protect you. Of course I will not force you” Anya said.

What was Rissa to you? Why did you do as she asked?” I asked

She is...she was my daughter. Children of the ancient vampires don't change into vampires when they reach puberty like normal born vampires do. Gregory Burke sought to uncover why when he kidnapped her sixteen years ago” Anya replied, her voice turning to ice when she said that man's name.

So...if I go with you, what will happen?” I asked

I'll take you with me to Cambridge where I reside, and as for what happens....I am not sure, the world is about to discover that the things that go bump in the night are real, very real” Anya replied.

The End

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