Tainted Ties - Chapter FourteenMature

Chapter Fourteen

There was something about the way she had looked at me then. I had to walk in that office. I looked over at Kris who had already figured out my intentions.

If you go in so do I” he said. I nodded mutely, glad he'd be with me. The other agreed to wait outside the door for us. Isabella had already left, refusing to do whatever it was Anya told her she could do to the guards. I laid my hand on oak door, feeling the grain beneath my fingers before I opened it. Inside Anya was leaning against the wall and a tall, stick-thin man with a few winkles and greying brown hair sat behind a desk, horn-rim glass's perched on the edge of his nose. He readjusted his tie and stood up as we entered.

Rissa, so nice to finally meet you” He said with a smile.

Who are you?” I asked, getting straight to the point, causing him to laugh. Kris tensed behind me.

I'm merely the owner of Med-Limited, the man who wanted to help people” He said with a voice well-disciplined in such speeches.

Yes, which was why my kind allowed you to analyse their DNA, afterall our regenerative abilities are unmatched.” Anya said

Indeed they are my dear” He replied, his fist clenched behind his back. He looked very nervous about Anya prescence.

But you betrayed that trust when you stole from me. Then you got over-confident, using our DNA to create humans with strange abilities” Anya said, her voice holding a dark edge. The man nodded and gulped quietly.

We wanted to see what else could come from combining our genes....as for what we stole, we wanted to observe what would happen come that time” He replied, his tone turning shaky near the end.

You already know what happens. I'm an ancient” Anya replied, Were her teeth growing sharper like her tone?

Well, you can take it back if you so wish, actually" he paused, an evil grin forming on his thin lips,  "why not let me observe what happens to someone as they are turned?” He continued. The hand from behind his back appeared, accompanyed by a small black pistol. I didn't know what to do. I was frozen as the gun was aimed at my chest and fired. But I didn't stay still for long as some one pushed me out of the way.

"No!" I screamed as his slumped to the floor next to me, blood slowly staining his shirt. 

The End

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