Tainted Ties - Chapter ThirteenMature

Chapter Thirteen

I'd never been happier to leave a place, the thoughts that crowded my mind were just too much. So many people pleading for help, or for other things. The women Anya had saved was making a point of keeping her distance from us. I tried not to delve into her mind, I didn't want to know what she had meant by “harm them”.

Where are we going now?” Justin asked

I assume you want to go into the labs and copy the information stored on their computers” Anya replied. It didn't take Anya long to hack the computer system, this women became more and more mysterious to me. Justin and Grace felt slightly unnerved but tried not to quell on it. Donna read some of the documents before copying the information onto her USB stick.

This isn't just big, this is huge....” Donna muttered as she finished up. But just as she finished downloading and removing her stick a loud alarm went off.

Shit” Justin said, we all ran for the door but a steal jail gate fell down, locking us in. It wasn't long till three mean looking guards came down and dragged us away.

Where are you taking us?!” Jessica asked, her voice shaking from panic. One sweep of their minds told me they had been given very specific orders regarding us. They were taking us to someone. The owner of Med-Limited.

We were thrown into the back of a small, black van, I could tell the black haired women Anya had rescued was uncomfortable this close to us.

Oh crap, I don't wanna die!” Justin yelled, causing Jess's and Grace's panic to grow worse.

No one will die here” Anya said, calm as undisturbed water.

Anya, I have one question” the saved women said, her white eyes meeting Anya's blue ones, “Why are you trying to reveal us to the world?” She asked, Anya stared at the van floor for a few seconds.

Because it's time that we stopped hiding” Anya replied, “Don't worry Isabella, I know what I'm doing”

I fear you do not” I heard the women whisper, Anya didn't respond.

What's going to happen to us?” Grace murmured, her eyes wide and scared.

Nothing” Rissa replied, taking Grace's hand and squeezing lightly. She looked over Grace's head to meet my eyes. She was terrified, but she wouldn't show it. We had to be strong for the others. The van came to a stop after what felt like two hours and ruff hands dragged us into an office building in the middle of a unfamiliar city. We were led to an elevator and taken to the top floor. One of the guards walked through an oak door leaving us with the other two to watch us.

Just as planned” Anya muttered to herself, an evil grin spreading across her face. One of the guards heard and raised an eyebrow, but didn't say or do anything. Eventually the door opened.

He wants to see the Ancient and Clarissa Bane only” He said, I heard Rissa intake deeply at the sound of her old name. There was no way in hell I was letting her go into that room alone. I didn't think, I acted. I shoved my elbow into the nearest guards stomach, causing him to bend over with a loud gasp of pain, then I lifted my elbow, hearing the crunch as his nose broke. He let out a small yell and moved to attack me but Isabella (I think that was her name) stepped in and threw him easily against the wall with one hand. The second guard had already been knocked out cold by Justin and Grace. The guard who had come from the other room looked flabbergasted.

I believe he will be seeing all of us” Anya said to him, walking past him into the room.

Hell no-” the guard started, reaching to grab her arm. I didn't even see what happened, it was too fast for my eyes to track. But he ended up on the other side of the room in an ungainly heap and unconscious.

Hell yes my dear” Anya murmured, smirking at his unconscious form, “Isabella dear, as your famished feel free to take the guards. The rest of you, you can run or stay. It's your choice. Journalist – ensure the world knows everything. And Rissa” Anya faced her with possibly the softest expression I've seen grace her face.

Yes?” Rissa replied, folding and unfolding her hands nervously.

It was nice to finally meet you” Anya said, brushing a strand of Rissa's hair behind her ear gently. Then the cold emotionless mask returned and she walked into the office. 

The End

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