Tainted Ties - Chapter TwelveMature

Chapter twelve

For a year, I have told myself that the strange voice I heard was in my mind. Now I learn it was from this strange, foreign women. Her hair is as blond as mine. The lorry went over a large porthole and I was thrown forward. Lithe hands caught me and I looked up to see that the women had caught me. But I could've sworn she had been on the other end of the lorry just now.

You have his eyes” I heard her whisper before she sulked back to her end of the lorry. Kris kept sending her weird glances. She'd stop sending me thoughts shortly after the lorry started moving. But she kept looking at me. Each time she seemed to double take at my appearance. Did she know me? Maybe she had been an old family friend of my parents. I didn't have much more time to ponder that thought as the lorry came to a stop. The mental doors were opened by a new guy, he had a bald head and a scary scar down one cheek and pale skin.

Anya, good to see you” he said, did I hear a hint of sarcasm in his tone?

Same here Pierre, do you have the passkey that grants me and my colleagues full access to every area of this facility?” She said, her voice almost purring when she asked her question.

Of course I do, its what you requested” He replied, handing her a small rectangle of plastic, a black strip on the back.

That didn't occur to me, guess your more prepared than us” Donna said as we all got out of the lorry.

I'm a very thorough person. We should hide for five minutes until the entrance corridor guard has to switch” Anya replied.

Five minutes later we all stalk down the corridor to an elevator. Anya swipes the card and we all pile in. She presses a button with “Authorised personnel only” note beside it. It's the lowest floor in this building. The elevator requests proof she is allowed to go there and once again she swipes her card.

Prepare yourselves, what's down here isn't exactly pretty” Anya said

You've been here before?” Justin asked with a confused face.

No, I've just met the few who have managed to escape” Anya replied.

Escaped? There are people down there?” Jessica said, her shoulders tense.

People is a loose term I suppose, they are living creatures who deserve the same respect humans demand, but this company” she growled at the word and had to pause to calm down, “This company does not know of such a thing as respect, it would appear” she said. Was it my imagination or did her teeth grow sharper when she had been annoyed?

The elevator jolted to a stop and we all walked out.

This looks like the start of a bad horror movie” Justin said. The dark corridors branched off into different areas. And down here no natural light could hope to reach our skin. Not that it really mattered, it was growing dark outside as night began.

Let's go” Anya said, leading the way down a corridor to the right. The arrow sigh we passed said “Raw subjects”. I had a feeling I wouldn't like what we found.

A roar reached my ears the moment we entered the large area. My mouth fell open as I took in the cages. The roar had originated from a beast in one of them. I edged closer, meeting the yellow eyes.

Don't go to close, the werewolf's been trapped here so long he doesn't have much control over his animal counter part” Anya said, we all stared at her like she'd gone insane.

Were...werewolf?! That sort of thing isn't real” I exclaimed.

Really? Then tell me where your friends abilities came from? They are merely results of sick humans taking our DNA and mixing it with humans” Anya said

Our?” Kris said, his dark blue eyes narrowed.

I do not need to explain myself to you, I came here to save someone” Anya said, moving towards another cage. In the cage was a women with midnight black curls and pure white eyes.

Anya, there are humans nearby...you know I may harm them” She whispered

Why should that be my concern, sister?” Anya said, opening the door and helping the fragile looking women up. The women eyed us all in turn and paused on me.

You found her” She said to Anya who said nothing.

Journalist, get photographing” Anya said, clicking her fingers in front of Donna's shocked face. She hesitated then pulled out her camera.

The End

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