Tainted Ties - Chapter ElevenMature

Chapter Eleven

I had to admit, Rissa had been quiet clever this time. Getting a journalist to help us will really ensure we get these bastards real good, and that they have no way of escaping. Donna took us to her apartment where we told her everything, at first she couldn't believe half of it, then we took it in turns to prove our abilities.

The first thing everyone did was shower, I admit it was a shock seeing my own face actually clean in the mirror. But the biggest shock was seeing Rissa's natural hair. There was blond, and then there was her hair colour. It shimmered like silver, and it was stark white against my own dark hair. Her hair had grown a bit, it fell to just below her shoulders, her natural hair colour really made her green eyes stand out. There was no doubt in my mind now that she was beautiful. I could sense her feeling nervous under my gaze. I ignored all logical thought at that moment and did what i wanted to do on that bus.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. Running my hands through her still wet hair and breathing in the mint shampoo she had used. We stood like that for some time, tasting one another, our bodies moulded together. But it got interrupted by someone coughing loudly. I pulled away to see Justin grinning like crazy. I rolled my eyes at him, reading the “I told you so” from his thoughts.

Donna has a plan, you guys good to go? Or do we need to give you two five minutes in the bedroom” Justin said, causing Rissa's face to turn bright red.

I think we're good Justin” i said, making a shoo motion with my hand. He left us in the hallway, smirk still plastered on his face.

So, that was fun” Rissa said, a shy smile touching her lips.

Yeah, very fun” I replied, pulling her closer, “round two?” i said, kissing her before she could reply. But sadly it had to end and we walked into the living room hand in hand. I didn't miss the raised eyebrow from Grace or the scowl from Jessica. Donna just muttered something about kids and started explaining.

She assured us that even if they somehow proved our claims and evidence false, there would still be an investigation and people would be watching the company movements – so if they attempted to “clean up” they would be admitting guilt.

Justin was in his element scheming with the redhead whilst I started to talk to Alec. He already thought having the journalist was a brilliant help, but we needed a way to sneak into the building located just outside Aberdeen.

It wasn't long before we were all gathered round the laptop and thinking of ideas, only to have them continuously shot down by logic. When it had reached the point I might give up Jess finally spoke and I had to admit it, her idea impressed me. And everyone else from the looks of it.

It didn't take us long to reach Aberdeen docks. Donna handed the money over to the appropriate people and soon enough we were approaching a huge lorry full of chemicals and other supplies the research facility needed.

Your not the only one using this method of sneaking in by the way. Though I admit you guys look a heck of a lot more friendlier than she does” One of the burly men said as we were carted up a small ladder into the van. I could read one thought on that stranger mind before they closed the huge mental doors and left us in darkness.

What do you kids want with this place?” the stranger asked, her voice had a slight lilt to it that suggested she was foreign. Even in this darkness I could see the blond mane that half covered her face. It made her appear almost angelic. But I got the feeling if I delved deeper into her mind, I'd discover a demon. Her surface thoughts were mostly her analysing us. From this distance she could smell us, hear our pulse and monitor our breathing. Just what the hell was she? Another person altered and wronged by this company?

We want to reveal their not-so-legal activities, such as experimenting with people and genes, you?” Donna said, sitting down on the floor. Everyone was completely at ease with her, except Rissa. She looked like she'd seen a ghost.

Rather heard

I jumped at the voice I heard talking to Rissa's mind. We both looked at the women before us.

Similar thing, how about we team up on this venture?” she said

Why not, more the merrier right? I'm Grace, this is Justin, that's Donna and those two standing up and being...weird are Rissa and Kris, what's your name” Grace said with a small smile. Directing a small glare towards us. She thought we were being extremely rude. I was beginning to think this women was anything but human. And no where near in the same way we were different.

Anya” She replied, her icy blue eyes watching me closely.

The End

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