Tainted Ties - Chapter TenMature

Chapter Ten

The bus deposited us in the middle of a city unknown to us. I tried not to think about my dream, for some reason it felt different, though i don't know why. Kris keeps giving me odd looks. Did he see my dream with that power of his?

ermm....what now?” Justin said, echoing all our thoughts I think. We had planned how to get here, and here we are. Now we had no idea.

We need to find a computer and contact Alec” Kris said, and off we went in search of some kind of internet café.

Who's Alec?” Jessica asked me. Kris and Justin had gone one way and us girls had gone another way.

Someone you don't need to know about” i replied, remembering how paranoid he was.

Fucking bastard, after everything i've done for him. I'm the reason he's stupid paper got so many stories” We all looked at the woman muttering away as she leaned against a wall smoking a cigarette.

Can i help you?!” she asked, annoyance evident in her tone.

Ermmm, can you tell us where the nearest internet café is?” i asked, hoping she wasn't in that much of a bad mood.

Sure, I'd love to, want to pay me for it though, cause I just got fired. Better yet, know a good newspaper story? Cause i need that more” She joked, letting out a humourless laugh before her smile faded.

You'll find one if you continue down this street and take the second left” She finally said with a sigh. But something she had said gave me an idea.

Ermm...you know in all of this i never asked, but what is the name of the company we're investigating here?” i asked, knowing the ex-reporter could hear every word i was saying.

Err, their a pharmaceutical company, Med - Limited, why?” Jessica replied, one eyebrow raised in confusion.

You got something on Med – Limited?” the women asked, her dark brown eyes calculating away.

Maybe, but us and two others need a place to stay and the use of the internet – preferably not a public internet cafe one as i'm sure certain current people can trace stuff using those” I said, grinning inwardly at my own plan.

If you have a serious story on Med – Limited with evidence to back it up then i'll take the floor and two of you can take my bed” She said, letting out a small laugh.

We have a good story, and we are evidence, but we still need to break into the facility here, i personally want to learn how they did what they did to us” I said, the women gave me a confused look.

We'll explain everything” Grace said with a small smile. I sent out a thought loud and clear, hoping Kris picked it up.

I have a plan, and i have someone to help us achieve it.

What’s your name by the way?” Jess asked the lady, who looked unsure but happy as well.

Donna Mackenzie, journalist” She said, putting out her cigarette on the wall. We were so in business now. I thought with a big smile.

The End

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