Tainted Ties - Chapter NineMature

Chapter Nine

Great indeed, Justin has the worst timing I thought, sending him a glare. But his mind was too sleepy and befuddled to understand what was going on. I brushed the drivers mind and found we'd be stopping soon at the next bus station. As we pulled into the place, the others mumbled whines as they got up. The driver told us we had an hour. I'm pretty sure everyones first order of buisness was the toilet.

Grace and Jessica was over the moon to be togeather again and wandered off to look at the various little shops. Justin begged rissa for some money and ran off to nearest take out place.

I think we should be careful how we spend this, it won't last forever” Rissa said, standing next to me. The almost kiss still flinting through her mind from time to time. Damn Justin I thought.

I'm going to buy a bunch of stuff from the convience store, want to help me out?” Se asked, pointing to a shop nearby, I nodded and followed.

When we got back on the bus, Rissa tried hopelessly to get comfortable and actually sleep, she wasn't having much success. Eventually I just put a arm round her and pulled her head to my shoulder. Trying not to smile at the fact she was blushing.

Thanks” she murmured, seconds later she was fast asleep. The same dream she always had started to happen, but this time it was different, because I got pulled into the dream alongside her.

I was already in the house when she walked in. She couldn't see or hear me, no matter how much hand waving or yelling I did. Finally I just decided to wander the house that she had lived in. I felt a bit stalkerish going into her room, but she was the one who pulled me into her dream, I didn't ask for it.

Then something I had never noticed happened in the dream. A weird raspy voice started to talk, I ran to where Rissa was. But she was doing what she always did, gathering important files. I followed her to her room and still the erie voice went on. I could barely understand what was being said because it spoke with a strong accent. But i think it was telling her what to pack. How come I had never noticed this voice before?

Because you don't have the connection to her that I do, silly boy.

I jumped at the voice, it sounded like it had been said right in my ear.


Your in her head, through her I can speak to you. Though you are both in theory too far away to be reached, which means you must be something of a mind reader. Interesting. But what is more interesting is I sense you and her are moving closer to me, are you sure thats a good idea? Sometimes the truth isn't very pretty.

I wanted to yell at this voice “duh!”, since when is the truth pretty? But before i could find out anymore Rissa's dream ended and we were only twenty minutes away from Aberdeen. 

The End

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