Tainted Ties - Chapter EightMature

Chapter Eight

I hesitated, not sure if i could trust her, but i could hear the sounds of footsteps nearby and so let her follow. I hoped Kris wasn't mad at me for doing this.

So...erm...where are we...actually going?” I heard her said in between breaths, struggling more than me, now that was saying something i thought.

To the others, and til i know how much i should trust you thats all i'm saying” i said, blunt and honest. I think i was picking up some of Kris's traits, i couldn't figure out if that was good or not.

Fair...enough....How long...do we have to....run....though?” She said, i made a conscious effort to speed up, mean but i didn't care. Kris never slowed down for me when he ran somewhere.

Not saying” well aware she was starring daggers in my back. Admittedly i enjoyed her confusion about me. It would've been even better if i understood why though. I needed to figure what my power was, or what it was supposed to be.

Kris waved as i approached the deserted parking lot, that wave quickly turned into a fierce glare as he noticed Jessica.

What the fuck is she doing here?!” he yelled as soon as we were in earshot. Okay, big mistake, but its not like i could've fought her off.

She insisted on tagging along, wants to know whats going on too” i said as i slowwed to a walk. He looked undecided on how he wanted to respond. Grace was head over heels and swallowed Jessica into a big hug. Justin didn't really seemed concerned.

So you finally realised how stupid you were being” Kris stated rather than asked, deciding to enjoy this moment.

How was it stupid to stay there? I was taken care of whereas you guys struggle to eat i should imagine” Jessica replied completely unphased by Kris's stab.

Not anymore, got more than enough money to sort us out. Shouldn't we get moving sooner rather than later?” I asked, making a point of flashing the notes.

It wasn't long until we were all stuck at the back of an uncomfortable bus. I tried everything in my power to get comfy and fall asleep like the others but it was proving difficult. I instead choose to stare outside and watch the dark landscape flicker by. I rested my forehead on the cool glass and thought about my parents. What had they never told me, what did they hide? Because they had to have been keeping stuff to me.

Can't you stop thinking for five minutes” Kris groaned from where he was sleeping next to me

Sorry” i said, not really meaning it.

Can't you get to sleep like everyone else” He said, shifting so he was sitting up properly, he rubbed at his eyes and then looked at me. His blue eyes penetrating deeper than any other set would.

Okay, since you can't sleep, and your thoughts are too loud so i can't sleep, let's play a game” Kris said, letting out a small yawn whilst trying not to move his arms too much.

If you say i spy i'll refuse” I said, earning a small laugh.

I could swear not to read your mind but its like your mind forces itself on me, not the other way round, it's weird as hell” Kris said

So whats this game idea you have?” i asked, wanting to change the subject, because something about the way he looked at me then, i don't know.

Hmmm, yes/no game?” he suggested, i gave him a “what?” look.

Seriously, okay, you take it in turns to ask questions and you can't answer with yes or no, you got it?” he asked

Yeah” i said, then i saw his face begin to shift as he started to laugh again.

Thats not fair, that was not your first question” i said, glaring at him, which just made him laugh more.

Okay, how about this one” Kris said, checking that everyone hadn't been woken by our laughter.

Would you let me kiss you?” he said, I had no way of knowing if he was being serious or was just joking.

I guess you'd have to try to find out” i replied, and i felt him close the distance between us, then he hesitated.

Am i the only one up?” Justin asked sleepily, as he sat up. Oh, i thought, great.

The End

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