Tainted Ties - Chapter SevenMature

Chapter Seven

I hated being left with monitor duty. But this was my punishment for letting Kris – my face scrushed up at his name- and that girl escape. That really bothered the big boss, whoever he is. Whats so great about this girl anyway? She didn't appear to have a power and i haven't seen her in any of the records.

Jess, anything interesting happening?” Zack asked, poking his bald head through the door, Zack had been altered so that he was bigger and stronger than the average man. This was funny since he hadn't hit puberty and had a squeaky voice.

Of course not, nothing interesting ever happens here” I said, then an alarm went off, me and Zack exchanged a “what the hell” look then both turned to the screens. The computer had already hacked a camera, showing us the girl from before. She was at a ATM machine and whoevers bank account she was accessing was a big one. Because the computer was yelling high priority at us.

We headed to the changing room and put on all our gear, Stella was of course already ready. It didn't take long for Peter to follow suite. Stella was the one with a drivers license and of course Peter got shotgun. Stella could predict the future, thats not as awesome as it sounds, she can only predict things a little bit in the future, and if she hasn't seen someone in person she can't see what will happen to them. Hopefully she'll see this girl, she can't use Kris because his ability involves being able to block her. Peter was a more complicated story. Anyone could tell he wanted to escape and join his brother Justin. Even though Justin wants nothing to do with him. I doubt he even talks about Peter. I can never decide if i want out or not. I get taken care of where i am, and while what i'm made to do isn't always nice. I'm always told theres a good reason behind it. What reason i don't know. I think Zack is the only on too young to wonder why it is were left in the dark.

It didn't take us long to reach the the machine, i saw a whip of hair dissapear round the street corner and raced after her despite Stella's protests. There was something fishy going on with this girl and i was going to find out about it. I easily caught up and yanked her back using her hair – maybe a bit unesscarily mean, but i didn't care -. I ignored her attempts to hurt me and dragged her into a side-street. Covering her mouth with my hand as the others raced past. Stella obviously hadn't thought to look into my future thankfully.

Let me go, or you'll have to deal with the others” She yelled, trying hopeless to push me away. How could this weak thing be important?

Calm down midget, i'll let you go, just answer my questions” i said, giving her a little shake so she'd stop trying to punch and kick me.

Depends what you want to know” she replied, standing still. I hesitated, the idea of running off like Grace did had been circling my mind a lot recently. What happens if it turns out i've been working for the wrong side? What happens if the truth is impossible to live with?

Anytime now would be nice, i have places to go” The girl said, untangling my hand from her hair.

Who are you?” i asked

Thats your big question? I'm Rissa...your jessica? Kris called you that i think” she said, i nodded.

How long til the others gets here? Or are you meant to go meet them somewhere?” i asked

no response” she said indifferently, looking anywhere but my face.

Why do you matter?” i asked, just wanting an answer once and for all. Rissa's face was one of confusion.

I don't understand...” and with Rissa's answer i made a decision i might regret for a long time, but i didn't care. I just wanted to be back with Grace, my best friend. Stella, Peter and Zack were nice, but they wern't best friends. I felt a little bad for Peter, but only a little.

Lets go meet the others” i said, Rissa started to object but i gave her a shove back into the street.

I refuse to be left in the dark, i want to know whats going on as much as you now” i explained. Rissa looked unsure but led the way. 

The End

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