Tainted Ties - Chapter SixMature

No i thought, as i felt the familiar shiver go down my spine. I was staring at the front door of my old house, it was dark brown wood with a flowery pattern on a half-circle window. The flower was a red rose. It was the first time that rose gave me the bad feelings. I was used to the bullies, to the mean teachers and the next door neighbour's dog causing those feelings, but never my own front door. Never my own house. I did something that i wouldn't do ever again. I ignored those feelings and opened the door. I walked into the empty living room and kitchen and called my parents, mum was always in the kitchen doing the dish's by now, but when i walked up to the sink only half were washed and the soapy water had gone cold, i walked closer and heard a crunch and looked down to see a broken plate. My mum was a neat freak i thought, something big had to have happened for her to have just left this. I walked back into the hallway and walked up the stairs, not even bothering to avoid the creaky step as i climbed. I walked into my parents room and found nothing, just a neat bed. I checked my room, it was messy, i knew it was like that when i left this morning but it was messier. Like someone had riffled through my things. I went downstairs again and this time headed to the basement, my dads office. I nearly slipped going down the steps and when i looked at the cause i saw a dark red stain and nearly screamed. I continued down, holding back tears. Telling myself this was insane, this was something you saw on the news but never happened to you. But when i reached the bottom i saw two bodies slumped on the floor. My dad was lying in front my mum. There was no doubt in my mind he took a bullet for her, but it didn't make a difference. I released everything then, feeling my vision go fuzzy with tears. I collapsed on top of the bodies and lost track of time. When i finally stood up i was covered in sticky, half-dried blood and the light outside was fading. I saw the same riffling from my room on my dads desk. I did the same. I found my passport, birth certificate. Because something in the back of my mind was telling me i had to, it was like a voice pushing me, guiding me. It told me to pack a bag, it told me what to put in it. And it told me to escape to London, a busy city where i could easily hide. And it comforted me when i saw the accusations in the papers. But to this day it couldn't stop me from waking up, covered in sweat every so often, from the same horrible memory that i wish was only a nightmare. I shook myself and stood up. I walked towards a broken away wall. Looking at the stars and trying to calm down. When my eyes dried i crawled back to bed and noticed that Kris was sat up, watching me. I looked away from his gaze and went to sleep.

I'd never really gone to huge markets before, i stuck to the smaller ones, not wanting to risk getting lost in a such a big crowds. But thats where we were now. I couldn't help but look at the different stalls. Handmade cloths and toys were the most popular things on display. They were also various food stalls and my favoirate stall so far displayed beautiful handmade glass animals, i felt drawned to the bat for some reason. I'm not sure why. I moved to another stall which sold art and saw one made of newspaper collage, i straight awat spotted a portion of one of my old wanted ads. It was yellowed, proberly by tea, and made me think of my nightmare. It was weird but until now i'd never wondered about that voice helping me. And i haven't heard it since. I wonder if i ever will. Though its properly just some human instict that was triggered by my extreme confusion and stress. So hopefully i'll never hear it again.

Rissa, follow us” Grace said, tapping on my shoulder. I gave her a confused look but didn't ask any questions. Maybe we were going to see that Alec person she mentioned yesterday. I followed them into empty side-street and just like some croney undercover film, Justin did a patterened knock on a plain door. Tap...tap....tap, tap, tap. I resisted the urge to make fun of him and waited for the door to open. The mailflap lifted and a set of brown eyes peered out and then the door opened. A plump, dark-skinned boy stood there. He was wearing a plain shirt and jeans and he lead us upstairs to a room with 4 desks, surrounding a spinning desk chair. Alltogeather there were five computers and six laptops. And against the wall there was a tall glass case and inside it was a big computer thing full of wire and blinking lights. I won't even pretend to be a computer expert, i have no idea what it does, but i figure its prescence means this guy does know his stuff. There were also stacks of empty discs and another stack with labels. Alec shuffled through the discs til he found the one he was looking for, he inserted it into the biggest of the computers and turned on a big TV on the wall. He gestured to a counch and we sat. I wondered why we wern't speaking, but felt too awkward to ask anyone.

Alec doesn't speak, he can be traced that way” Kris whispered in my ear. I held back from making a comment about Alec being too paranoid. Afterall, a secret-goverment organization is chasing me, i can't really make any judgements in that area. What appeared on the screen was blueprints and under it Alec began typing to us.

The London building is useless to you, Its where the “experiments” are raised and tested on, but not where the intial research is done, thats in a secluded area of Scotland, in Aberdeen”

Woah! Wait, you managed to find this stuff? Holy crap” Justin said, standing up, he moved closer to the screen taking in the blueprints.

Yeah, its great work Alec, but how are we gonna get all the way to fricken aberdeen? Sorry Justin, but unless we get hold of decent money, theres nothing we can do” Kris said, standing up and lightly slapping Justin's back. I wondered if i should risk something to help with this. Kris turned and looked at me and shook his head.

If you do it, they'll get you, and this time even i can't save you. You won't be dealing with some drunk guys, they will kill you as soon as they can. They just can't risk people discovering us”

Kris said, grabbing me by the shoulders. I glared at him.

Then why don't we just come forward? if we showed the world what we can do then surely thats them done for?” i said, shoving him away.

What? You think they haven't got the strings to cover that up, we'd need a heck of a lot more evidence to do that sort of thing” Kris replied.

Which is why we need to go to Aberdeen!” Justin yelled, gesturing to the screen, “so if you know a way to help us Rissa, whatever the risk, do it”

You can't just ask her to risk her life for your cause Justin, you-” Kris yelled

You assume it isn't my cause?” i inturrupt, catching Kris by surprise, “These people have ruined my life too, i want to get payback. So first thing tomorrow i make a withdrawel from a cash machine using my dads card, the money should still be there, it was kept open in case i ever used it. With that money we'll go to Aberdeen and end this once and for all” I looked around the group, Justin was grinning, Grace looked unsure and Kris looked worried. Don't worry i thought. And i knew he heard me because his lips quirked into a smile for a split second, then it was back to buissness. We needed a plan, and a good one.

The End

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