Tainted Ties - Chapter FiveMature

Damn, spoilt kid i thought as i headed towards the field behind the houses. I lay down in the tall grass and tried to drown out all everyone else's thoughts. Already i regretted thinking that about Rissa, but something about her got to me and i did not like it. Grace was the sappy one who was always trying to find the “one”. Weather or not that's Justin i can't really say. But i'm not the type to stomp on someone else's happiness. I remembered all the thoughts and feeling going through Rissa head when she realised we all had abilities. While most people have to try and put themselves in other peoples shoes, i just have to pay close attention to whats going through someones head and analyse i afterwards to understand. And a heck of lot goes though her head. Its so confusing trying to understand her. Shes extremely guarded with showing her emotions to the world. She prefers it no one knowing, which explains why shes got the little bit of resentment towards me. But when i touched her just now to calm her down something i've never come across happened. For just a second i was her. And damn was that weird.

Soooo, Theres a cute new girl around, and from what shes been saying, sounds like you saved her life, Hero-boy” Justin mocked, appearing behind me.

You realise the invisability doesn't cloak your thoughts right?” i replied. This was an ongoing issue for Justin whom was certain that one day he would manage to neak up on me.

Meh, not what i'm currently worred about, what i want to know is how long it's gonna be before you make your move? Cause i'm pretty sure if you don't do so fast, that annoying Brandon will” I glared at Justin, there was absolutly no way in hell i saw Rissa that way...well at least i didn't think i did. And Brandon was not something i was concerned with, Risa has enough brains to realise he's bad everything. Brandon's the guy who makes a street girl like him, uses her for whatever he wants and then leaves her for no reason. Rissa would not end up like one of those girls.

Brandon was also prone to giving away information for a few favours, and if he ever met Jessica i'm certain she would be happy to do what he asked for our whereabouts. Jessica was fooled unlike the rest of us. She believed the company had her best interests at heart and that she would be rewarded for everything, which she properly was. But i knew that if she messed up one too many times, they'd exterminate her. They could now that they figured out which genes they had to alter to make a fire-weilding maniac like her exist.

Kris wanna leave his head anytime soon?” Justin said, tapping his finger on the top of my head.

Kris is back, what do you want?” i asked, whacking his hand away from me.

Not me, Grace wants to go to the market and steal some stuff, she also thinks we should go see Alec, apparently he sent a message that hes got something good on the company. Maybe that something might make a break-in possible!” Justin said excitedly. I tried not to ruin his happiness with my own pestimistic thoughts. Because i'd lost count of how many “break-ins” we've tried, and i already know we need more help than Alec to do it.

Okay, lets go then, its not like theres anything else i can think of doing” i joked, standing up and following Justin, who turned to give me a one raised eyebrow stare, which earned him another glare.

I let him walk ahead and turned back to look at the setting sun and the deep red lines cutting accross the sky. For some reason the shade of red made me think of blood. I had a feeling tomorrow wasn't going to go as planned. But considering we never planned this stuff, i guess it always happens as its meant to.

Whatever Alec has will be useful, maybe not for a break-in, but it'll be another piece that'll go towards getting those bastards once and for all. 

The End

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