Tainted Ties - Chapter FourMature

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Kris knocked out the police officer within a few moments. He spat at him and then walked back to me and held out a hand which I gratefully took. As we walked past the officers unconscious body I felt a pang of regret, he didn’t deserve this. If only Kris had listened to me, I’ve always know that sick feeling at the bottom of my stomach meant trouble was nearby. Needless to say, that feeling was long gone as Kris led me towards a street of houses in disrepair. A bad smell was leaking from an open sewer and the bricks of the houses were crumbling away. Nearly all of the roof tiles had fallen off the houses, leaving half of them bare to harsh weather. I followed Kris though a door frame – the door apprantly was no where to be seen – and saw that this place was overun with people. Ranging from late fourties to as early as five or six. Pieces of cloth had been hung up to keep the worst of the wind out and helped give some sembalance of privacy i guess. Kris walked to the second floor and slid aside a faded green quilt cover to let me into small area. It had a bare mattress, a half-rotted shelf and some shoe boxes. There was also a girl sitting on the bed glaring at Kris.

Well look who decided to turn up after going missing for three godamn weeks. We were worried sick about you!” she yelled, getting up and jabbing a finger at his chest. Kris towered over him but she didn't seem to give a damn. She had to be about five foot two at least. She had uncontrollable, fiery red hair and bright blue eyes. And freckles spread over her nose and face and even along her arms. I wondered who she meant by “we” but didn't ask.

Calm down would ya, i ran into trouble by accident. Then i ran into the worse kind of trouble, thanks to someone” he said, giving me a glance. I tried to say a defence but Kris beat me to it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, not ya fault right? If you'd been around these streets for a year. Ya oughta know that drunken guys are summit you avoid” he said with an angry voice. What was he angry at? Me or the guys from earlier?

Quit being such a bully” the girl yelled at Kris with what looked like a hard wrack to the back of the head. Certainly made him wince. She then turned to face me with a smile that made her whole demeanor change from scary midget to sweet fairy.

My name's Grace, funny huh? My parents were big religiouss types until they...well, ya know. Messed everything up” She sobered

By they, you mean the same people Kris mentioned?” Grace just nodded and Kris seemed to be looking behind us.

Justin's back” He said as if nothing serious was being discussed. I looked at the empty clothway - cant call it a doorway can i? - and back at Kris in confusion. Then someone grabbed me round the waist from behind and picked me up. I yelped and kicked backwards. Apprantly i did something beause i was dropped immediately. I turned around to see a boy a little older than Kris on his knees in pain. From what his hand was covering, i;m guessing i hit a very sensitive area.

Jeez, was just messing around, no need to go and attack the gods gift” he squeaked. To which Grace snorted.

Hardly big enough to be a gift from god Justin” she commented, making him blush. Justin was the same height and build as Kris but i could see through the grime that he had blond hair and more laugh lines. His eyes were grey and i suspected – like Kris – knew more than they showed.

Sorry about that, couldn't resist scaring a friend of Kris” He apologised.

I am not Kris's friend” i said proberly a little to quickly and defensively.

No, your not. Ya gonna have to earn that” Kris replied with a snide look. Big whoop i told myself. Who cares if i offended him and his guy pride.

Grace and Justin exchanged a raised eyebrow look that made Grace have to stifle a giggle. I frowned at her and Kris glared at Justin.

So...erm....what do you do then....”

Rissa” Kris supplied Justin, “And nothing apprantly” Kris said in such an obvious loaded way. Ugh, i wanted to slap him. I was so ready to give him an extremely large piece of my mind when Grace spoke.

Well, i do this” and with a minute movement of her hand the lid of one of showbox's lifted up and dropped down by its side. Grace laughed at my wide-eyed expression.

pfft, you think thats so great? Guess how i snuck up on you” Justin said with a smug grin which made Grace roll her eyes.

i don't know, turned invisable” Grace said unenthusiasticly.

Hey! Why'd ya gotta be such a bitch Gracie” Justin said with pouting lips.

whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second. So, ability to read thoughts” i pointed to Kris, “Ability to move objects” i pointed to Grace, “And the ability to turn invisable?” turning my finger to Justin, “If thats what you guys can do, what on earth is it i do?!” i yelled.

Strong hands took me by either arm and i heard Kris telling me to calm down and just breath. Eventually i sat down in a small heap with Kris at my side watching me with a creased forehead – why does he suddenly care i thought -.

I don't know yet, i mean...i have suspicions, but nothing i can confirm, sorry Risssa” Kris said, he hesitated and then patted my shoulder. Then quickly got up and went. Muttering about forgetting something.

The End

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