Tainted Ties - Chapter ThreeMature

This so not what we need right now. If I had to give a bitch award out, it’d go to Jessica hands-down.

You haven’t changed much” I muttered darkly.

Shame I can’t say the same about you Kris dear” she mocked. Her long, dark curls framing her sharp, Asian features and dull brown eyes.

Do you know her?” I heard Rissa ask at my side.

Hard to forget a witch” knowing she had no idea just how realistic a description that was.

Oh, how you wound me!” Jessica pretended to be heartbroken, badly.

Good thing you never took up actin’, so many people woulda been blinded” I shoved in her face. And before she could throw a reply I took Rissa hand and ran. I’d been stalling and scoping the place and spotted a small window which I now dragged Rissa out of. All that followed us were screams of frustration. We were outta their little base and running through the streets of London again.

We stopped in a little side street and I could see Rissa was grasping for breath. I guess rich kids dint do much in the way of exercise. Through I had’a hand it to her, she survived the streets for a year. I was lucky, I could just read trouble coming my way from a mile. But she, I dunno what Rissa’s ability is. But whatever it is, it isn’t obvious to her much. If her parents were killed they may have refused to do summit the organization asked for. Maybe Rissa had been a failed experiment and they wanted to terminate her. But these were all blind guesses. No point wonderin why, just concentrate on survivin for now. I headed down the street towards the darker parts of London. Me and a few other street kids stayed there in old, abandoned houses, it was all we had. I could hear Rissa behind me, struggling to keep up.

Umm, Kr-kr…I think we shouldn’t head this way” Rissa stuttered, running in front and blockin me. I was no idiot, already she’d forgotten my name, can’t say I’m surprised.

My name’s Kris, and I know where I’m goin girly” I replied coolly before shovin past her. Her mind was all over the place but I could sense a distinct fear and worry setting in, something was makin her feel ill. What the hell was up with her-.

My line of thought stopped as I picked up someone else. And their thoughts weren’t good. Not by any stretch for a street kid anyway. I grabbed Rissa’s hand and pulled us into a side street before the guy saw us. Rissa let out a squeak of shock when I pulled her. I hoped the guy hadn’t heard, but even I knew it was a lost cause. Her small squeak was like an nuclear bomb in this silence.

Dammit” I muttered under my breath. I furled and unfurled my fists as I felt and heard him get closer. He turned the corner and gave a small, snide smile.

Ah, to be young and in love” for a guy who looked as street-wise as me he sure dint sound it. I knew it, another copper in disguise. Rissa cowered behind me and tried to hide her face.

We ain’t done nothing wrong, so how abouts you leave us be” I meanta sound calm, but my voice just sounded like suppressed anger, which it was.

oh cut the crap, its clear you know who I work for-” he pulled out his badge, and Rissa held her breath, I felt her fists tighten their hold on the back of my jacket.

-I’ve been told to find two kids round here, by your description, so how about you come in calmly”

Hmm, let me think about it” I mocked, “Hell no” I threw Rissa to the ground so he couldn’t see her face and ran at him.

The End

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