Tainted Ties -Chapter TwoMature

I let out a long groan as consciousness - and pain with it - returned. Slowly, feeling returned to my limbs as I sluggishly opened my lids and saw Kris opposite me. I was lying in a darkened room of hard concrete, surrounded by aged brick. I don’t know what the nitwit was doing here. Last I remembered was hearing sirens. Before that guys were trying to assault me…but Kris helped me out. So maybe he isn’t as useless as I originally thought. At least it explains the weird instinct to stay near him.

You awake or what?” he asked roughly. I rolled my eyes at his stupid east London accent.

Yes, I am awake-” I paused before continuing as a bad feeling hit me, “Where are we?”

We’re somewhere underground properly. Least that’s their usual style”

Who’s they?” I looked upwards and around knowing I wouldn’t find any windows.

Jeez, you don’t even know what’s goin on d’you?” he laughed inwardly.

Your parents were murdered right? A year ago today to be exact”


Call it a gift, I’ve been able to read thoughts since before I could think em’ meself” he said shrugging.

Then you know who I really am?” my voice turning to ice.

Yeah, knew it since I first saw you” I felt my teeth grind, that’s why he was there when those guys came. Wanted to grab me and blackmail me? Or maybe hand me over for some extra cash. He laughed out loud and I looked him in displeasure.

You’re some idiot. Dint’ you hear what I said? I can read minds. So I also know your innocent” he said grinning like a fool with pride.

Okay, so what are you going to do now?”

Me? I was thinking’ I’d stick wit you, cause’ the guys after me are the same guys after you. Their probably the ones that framed you with your parents death” his gaze looking far away.

Who are you talking about?”

I’m talking bout a secret government organization, they’ve been looking for me for twelve years now”

How old are you?”

“Eighteen, why d’you ask?”

They started looking for you when you were six?!” I yelled in shock.

I was one their little experiments, how else d’you think I can read minds? One of the technician dint like what they were planning to do, and don‘t ask me what it was, if it had happened… So she kidnapped me. It wasn’t long till they tracked her down and killed her. I’ve been hidin on the streets since”

My parents were probably killed a long time ago” he added under his breath. And as hard as I tried to, his eyes wouldn’t meet mine.

Fine” I finally agreed, “I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad if I let you tag along from now on, but I think for now we need to concentrate on getting out of here”

Already Done it, what d’you think I was doin whilst you was sleepin’?” he asked proudly.

He stood up and revealed a hole in the brickwork, just big enough for a human to crawl through. It was only now I noticed his hands were covered in criss-cross cuts.

Found a loose brick, getting the other out after that was no trouble at all” I highly doubted that, but I let him have his manly moment before peering into the hole.

You wanna go first? Or should I?” Kris offered.

I’ll go first, I’ll be able to get farther if the tunnel gets smaller and find another way out”.

So here we both were crawling in the pitch darkness. I kept coughing and sneezing as our movement raised dust that had been long left undisturbed. It looked like we were in some kind of old ventilation system. I had to make myself ignore the skittering sounds around me and tried not to think of all the beasties crawling around the tunnel.

How you holdin’ up?” Kris piped up from behind me. I stopped to turn and reply and Kris’s head banged straight into my legs.

Ow!” I shouted out of habit, even through it didn’t really hurt.

Sorry” he mumbled

Everything’s fine” I said, started up again, only to find everything really wasn’t.

Dead end”

Shit” I heard Kris mutter, “So what now?”

You're asking me?” I cocked my head to see his own dark outline.

Well, you’re the smart one after all, with you’re posh accent”

Just because I speak properly doesn’t make me posh”

We can debate that later, right now we gotta get moving, I think there was a tunnel going right a while ago”. Luckily this one did lead us out, into an open, polished corridor of what looked like a office building.

Well, well, riff raff” I heard a nasal voice drawl.

The End

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